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Date: 2/08/2018

The Dialogue with Chad Brewer

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 99th installment visiting with Chad Brewer, owner, of Accu-coat Spray Products, which applies premium coatings and service at an affordable price.
Describe what Accu-coat Spray does. We do Spray Foam Insulation of closed and open cell formulas. We also offer spray on bedliner for trucks, jeeps and campers, etc. We are a family owned company and started doing our own work because the price points of all the surrounding companies! We believe in what we do and the people we serve!
How did you get started? We started to help supplement our income after our second child was born so my wife could stay at home during this time.
What is your background? I have a heavy fabrication background which involved many coatings that were used in an industrial setting. I also have been in management in a manufacturing company locally for years, I have quoted and setup lots of projects which made the same tasks here at our business a breeze.
Who is your mentor? I worked with a large group of Christian men who helped me understand the right ways to run a business and how to treat the customers and employees.
Describe your customers. We do work for a wide variety of people. Our customers vary from contracting professionals to diy home owners who want to save money and time!
What impacts your business? We have a great social media following, we also see our products as being a greener alternative to all other traditional methods which we are competing against daily
What do you enjoy about the business? The customers, we have such great customers and have had so many great conversations as how we have helped them save money when they could not afford any other installer.
Additional comments. Owners Chad and Eveanna Brewer are lifelong residents of Maryville. They have worked hard to develop the company since 2013. They are devoted to their community, and members at Outreach Christian Church. They have two beautiful children which are being raised to respect and understand the importance of hard work and perseverance. We are very proud of the progress the company has made and look forward to serving the community in the future! Our core values: We always give God the honor and glory for our success. We are an American company striving to do honest business. We always seek to bless our customers, employees, and suppliers. We take pride in our workmanship and customer relationships. We provide services with cheer and humility. We seek to grow our business and employees financially, spiritually, and professionally in a healthy work environment. Chad and Eveanna Brewer - Owners
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