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Date: 2/01/2018

The Dialogue with Corey Pabst

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 98th installment visiting with Corey Pabst, owner, of Computer Catering, who love helping others and conquer their electronic device challenges.
Describe what Computer Catering does. Technology has quickly become a necessity in our society and we are here to keep Blount County residents up and running. We offer computer and laptop hardware and software repair. iPhone and iPad repairs as well as many other mobile devices. We use only premium parts and quality repairs. We sell and repair Computers of all makes and models including Windows, Apple, HP, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, and pretty much any other brand of device you can round up. We stock PC's, Laptops, Tablets, and Custom Built Computers of all price ranges to ensure we have something to fit everyone's needs and budgets. We proudly offer 12 Months Interest Free Financing and Free Layaway.
How did you get started? After working for others and seeing it all done "wrong" I decided that I would offer service to others in a field that we all need help from time to time, and I have learned and experienced for years. My drive to help others, combined with the need for honest help in a field where it is hard to find came together to create Computer Catering.
What is your background? Daily use as a child, teen, and young adult. I tinkered with taking apart and putting back together everything I could get my hands on. My first job dealing with computer repair was while working at Staples. I was hired to stock paper, but after befriending some of the PC techs, I began to learn from them and self explore the field ultimately earning my position as a tech alongside those who taught me. Then I moved on to work for an independent Computer Repair company in Knoxville, TN where I was quickly promoted to General Manager. After learning a bit about the industry, and how much the average person is at a disadvantage to large companies I decided to take my new knowledge of Business Management and Administration from college to "do it right".
Who is your mentor? My wife Pamela has been an amazing supporter through all the rough patches that come with trying to start a new business. After getting up off the ground and getting to a point of needing some more help, I was able to bring in my best friend from high school, Brandon who has kept things running smoothly and has the same "no matter what we will figure it out" attitude that I have.
Describe your customers. Our customers range from individuals with almost nothing to their name to Businesses with dozens of employees and everyone in between. Our goal is to be personal with our clients to really know and understand what their desired end result is.
What impacts your business? The technology industry is a roller coaster ride in and of itself. One small detail about something can quickly cause a huge shift in the computer and tech field. Many times this is a global configuration and one issue in another country can have a huge impact on prices for a certain component such as Memory chips.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. 1: How much it would actually cost to start a new business. 2: Where to find the best deals! 3: What the most valuable form of marketing is.
What do you enjoy about your business? Knowing that I have control over how problems are handled to ensure that nobody is taken advantage of. Today there are too many instances of greed. It does nobody any good, and harms everyone. Treat others how you would like to be treated and you will always generate more worth than you require. At Computer Catering we enjoy helping everyone and taking on new challenges every day. Our goal is to provide the best service to every customer. We want our customers to be treated like the VIP's they are. We give each and every customer 5 star customer service.
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