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Date: 7/27/2017

The Dialogue with Tim Satterfield

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 88th installment visiting with Tim Satterfield, Territory Sales Representative for All Pro Supply which is your single-source for professional janitorial, sanitation, industrial and commercial cleaning and facility maintenance supplies.
What is All Pro Supply? Your All Pro Representative is more than "the person you call at your All Pro Supply." In most cases, they are an owner/partner or an expert consultant who knows this business backwards and forwards. They won't just sell you a product. They'll consult with you, recommending the right product in exactly the right quantity, maybe even come out, roll up their sleeves and show you just how it's done. It's pretty clear, they love what they do. The business model at All Pro Supply is simple: assemble all the best products and most knowledgeable people in the jan san industry in one place. Then when the customer needs virtually anything in the realm of professional janitorial and sanitation supplies, a single phone call would put you in touch with experienced, commercial sanitation professionals with over 5,000 top quality jan san products in their arsenal. One call. One order. Everything you need.
Describe what All Pro Supply does. All Pro Supply is your single-source for professional janitorial, sanitation, industrial and commercial cleaning and facility maintenance supplies. We are a full-service distributor of Fuller Commercial Cleaning Equipment, Franklin Chemicals and Cleaning Equipment, Diamond Equipment, Simple Hygiene products. All Pro can supply literally thousands of products, including cleaning chemicals; carpet and floor care products and equipment; paper products; brooms, mops and cleaning accessories; tools; bathroom supplies; kitchen maintenance and cleaning and storage supplies; laundry supplies and many more. Our goal is to be your one-stop jan san supplier, offering attentive customer service, advanced technology, flexibility and a quick-to-market operating system. It's what we have to do in a very competitive industry-and we love it!
How did you get started? With over 20 years of experience in commercial sales, I know the commercial client and their needs well. Being able to help customers save money is important to me. The product that All Pro Supply offers and the savings that I can pass on to my customers afforded me a great opportunity with a company that is beginning to grow in the area.
What is your background? As a partner of Fuller Industries, our managing partners and sales associates have direct access to the manufacturer of many of our products. The decades of experience and expertise are passed on to all associates through webinars and hands on training. Any questions about our product can be answered by direct access to the manufacturer.
Who is your mentor? My mentor and spiritual adviser is a local pastor who has been through many life milestones with me. He is always available to discuss personal and professional situations and helps me to work through all available options. He has always been someone that I have admired and trusted.
Describe your customers. Any business could potentially be a customer of All Pro Supply. With our wide variety of products including cleaning chemicals and equipment, carpet and floor care products and equipment; paper products and bathroom supplies only to name a few, we cater to everyone. Our customers range from industrial buildings and corporate offices, school systems, restaurants, hospitals, car washes and cleaning companies.
What environments impact the business environment you work in? All Pro Supply appreciates the opportunity to help our customers in all types of social and economic environments. In a time when all businesses are looking to save money, All Pro Supply can help. We specialize in helping customers save money on products they use every day.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. 1. More extensive product knowledge 2. How the chemicals are produced and manufactured 3. Competitor product knowledge
What do you enjoy about the business? All Pro Supply is a growing company with knowledgeable owners and operators. I enjoy working for a company that puts the customer first, and allows me the flexibility of my schedule and being able to help customers save money.
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