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Date: 3/02/2017

The Dialogue with John Worley

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 72nd installment visiting with John Worley, Client Executive with TIS Insurance Services, Inc., which is an independent, privately-owned insurance agency serving the insurance needs of policyholders in Tennessee and throughout the United States since 1945.
Describe what TIS does. TIS Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent, privately-owned insurance agency headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. TIS serves over 6,000+ individuals and businesses in 47 states. A large staff of professionals is available to assist with all types of Risk Management and Insurance including General Commercial, Construction, Healthcare Services, Financial Services, Employee Benefits, and Personal Insurance. TIS has the expertise and resources required to deliver tailored and effective solutions; private ownership ensures immediate responsiveness to the needs of the clients. For more information about TIS Insurance Services, Inc., visit or call 800.328.0293.
How did you get started? After graduation from Maryville College in 2013 with a degree in economics, I was torn as to whether I wanted to remain in East Tennessee or return home to Virginia. I accepted a position as a Counselor with the Helen Ross McNabb Center Gateway Center in Blount County which is a residential treatment center for mental health, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Although I enjoyed helping the residents of the center work toward getting their lives back on track, a job offer in the insurance industry presented itself back home in Virginia. East Tennessee was calling me home and I joined TIS in late 2016 as a Client Executive. I am very honored to be working for such a reputable agency that always put’s the client’s needs first.
What is your background? In addition to my commercial insurance license, my degree in Economics has greatly prepared me for the day to day business acumen needed for my position here at TIS Insurance Services. Meeting with clients and helping with their risk management needs is very rewarding to me.
Who is your mentor? My dad and grandfather are my biggest mentors (don’t tell them I said that). Growing up around a small farming business, my feet hit the ground running at an early age learning how to quite literally put food on the table. I was very impressionable and picked up quickly on some of the things that makes a small business go. As some business owners can attest, everything is not always smooth sailing; one has to stay the course. I learned from watching how my dad and grandfather managed day to day issues on the farm then realizing those same applications often apply to any business. One of the most valuable lessons I learned after earning my ‘seat at the table’ was how to talk to business partners through terms of negotiations, sales, and customer relations. The invaluable skill of selling and building relationships that I learned on the farm has been instrumental in my success.
Describe your customers. My clients come from all walks of life and different types of industries. Some are starting new ventures while others have been in business for over 50 years; I work with handymen and loggers to manufacturers and lawyers. In the insurance industry, one never knows who you might meet and have the opportunity to serve on any given day.
What impacts your business? Insurance is ever-changing. Federal laws, states statutes, even a new iPhone app can change how business is conducted. Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce and a younger generation is taking their places which also changes the insurance environment. For instance, how many college students know how to use a fax machine or how to store information on the Cloud? Another reason I love working at TIS is the fact our agency strives to have multi-generational insurance professionals in every division to address the needs of our clients.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. There is a learning curve with any new position especially while getting acclimated. I want to continue to get certifications on my license now that I am here among my colleagues. Continuing to pursue them has been added to my goals. How broad of range TIS Insurance Services covers and specializes within. I can see my career continuing to grow in many niche areas.
What do you enjoy about TIS? Every day at TIS Insurance Services brings something new. My plans for the day can change within 30 minutes of entering the office. When a client needs me, I am always on my toes.
Any additional comments? As an alum of Maryville College and a Client Executive at TIS, I am reminded of Maryville College’s founding principles and how it relates to the TIS Promise. Isaac Anderson, founder of Maryville College, once said “Do good on the greatest possible scale.” Affirmed by the Board of Directors at TIS, the TIS Promise is simple in its approach and execution. “The principle of Clients First is a core value upon which our company is based and from which all other values flow.” Although Isaac Anderson probably wasn’t referring to insurance when he said those words in the early 19th century, they are applicable every day at TIS. Anderson was a selfless man looking to serve others. With that in mind, I will leave you with this: TIS has always believed we grow and succeed by serving the interests of our clients. Period.
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