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Date: 2/23/2017

The Dialogue with Barbara Jimenez

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 71st installment visiting with Barbara Jimenez, wellness coach at Compass Nutrition and Fitness whose purpose is to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.
Describe what Compass Nutrition and Fitness does. We provide wellness profiles, fitness and nutrition classes along with a complete line of nutritional products to help you be successful on your journey. We encourage healthier living by empowering and inspiring people of all ages to wellness through indivualized coaching in a fun and healthy environment.
How did you get started? I began unusing the Herbalife products 10 years ago and lost 50 pounds. I have kept the weight off and enjoy using and sharing the products with others. I starting attending fitness classes at an Herbalife Nutrition Club in Florida. I became an independent distributor three years ago. I opened my own Nutrition Club in December.
What is your background? I have completed Herbalife's Nutrition Club, Fit Camp and Leadership trainings. I taught Health and Wellness classes at a high school in Florida. I am a certified PiYo Live instructor. I have a degree in therapeutic recreation and education.
Who is your mentor? Karen and Bill, from All-star Nutrition, have mentored me through my opening. My husband has bee my biggest supporter in encouraging me to follow my dreams!
Describe your customers. My clients are people who want to learn about good nutrition and fitness and implement it into their lives.
What impacts your business environment? Unfortunately, over 1/3 of Americans are now considered to be obese. This has serious health implications. Imam passionate about getting the community to take steps in taking control of their wellness through nutrition and fitness. I want to teach children how important it is to staying active and make good food choices.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. One, I wish I had know to double my start-up budget. Secondly, I wish I would have started networking earlier. Thirdly, I wish I had done further research on web developers in the area.
What do you enjoy about your business? I enjoy seeing my clients change for the better. They not only lose weight but transform their whole lives. When they look and feel good, they begin stepping out of their comfort zone and start doing things they have never tried before!
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