Media Room

Date: 8/31/2016

The Dialogue with Bob and Pam Gray

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 38th installment visiting with Bob and Pam Gray, Clinic Managers for Massage Envy - Hamilton Crossing who help people feel their best!
What is Massage Envy's philosophy? Total body care is an integral part of everyone's well-being journey. Positivity and wellness is what we want everyone to feel when they think of Massage Envy. Our Five Core Values are made up of the following: 1. Gratitude: We show gratitude for the opportunity to help others and for the trust it requires. 2. Optimism: We approach our work with a spirit of positivity. 3. Empathy: We seek to understand the needs of others and accept and celebrate individuality. 4. Consistency: We earn trust by delivering exceptional service at every moment. 5. Excellence: We recognize those who live our values and improve non-stop.
How does massage therapy help? Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management. We moved from being clients who enjoyed the many benefits of regular therapeutic massage to becoming franchise owners who could introduce those same kind of benefit services to others.

What is your background?I was blessed and honored to serve and work with a 'world class' healthcare organization before coming to Maryville, Tennessee to retire. I am a now retired hospital administrator serving most recently as a Chief Financial Officer with the Memorial Hermann Hospital System in Houston, Texas. Memorial Hermann at the time was the largest Not-For-Profit hospital system in Texas with 14 owned hospitals in its network and several other managed hospitals employing over 22,000 caring healthcare professionals.

What do you enjoy about running Massage Envy? In working at Massage Envy Hamilton Crossing, what I enjoy most is meeting, serving and working with people. I believe that life, as we now know it will come to an end and the only thing that will withstand the test of time and eternity with be the investment we make in the lives of other people. I therefore choose to consider the time spent with other people an investment and never a waste.
We believe that massages and facials aren't a luxury; they are body maintenance, pure and simple. Regular massage and facial care goes a long way toward helping Massage Envy members and guests take care of themselves and manage the side effects of life. We feel it's important for Massage Envy members and guests to know where we stand on the safety and professionalism of our industry. To put it simply, there is nothing more important to us. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of Massage Envy members and guests. We at Massage Envy Hamilton Crossing welcome the opportunity to serve you and your family members!