Media Room

Date: 8/24/2016

The Dialogue with Kellie Moths

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 36th installment visiting with Kellie Moths, an Elite Level V Executive Consultant for Rodan+Fields who firmly believes that as long as you have the passion within you, you can make this business work, because the products work.
Learn how Kellie found her new career. For Elite Level V Executive Consultant Kellie Moths from Louisville, Tenn., her son, Travis, is a member of the “Reason Why Hall of Fame” when it comes to Kellie’s business success. Travis’ struggle with adolescent acne motivated his mother to enroll as a Rodan+Fields® consultant so she could purchase Unblemish at the consultant price.
Six months later Kellie caught up with a friend from college who had experience in direct selling and saw the potential in Rodan+Fields®. Inspired, Kellie got to work sharing her story. And she had a lot to share: Travis’ skin was clear from using Unblemish, and Kellie’s skin was radiant thanks to Soothe, Reverse and Redefine.
Most important for Kellie, she knew Rodan+Fields® offered the time freedom she wanted so she could be there for her son as he pursued his competitive baseball career.
Within 14 months, working very part-time hours, Kellie walked away from a 25-year career as a fourth grade teacher. That same year, more than doubled her teaching income while becoming the first consultant in East Tennessee to qualify for a Lexus. Kellie loves living life on her terms as she helps others reach their financial and lifestyle dreams.