Media Room

Date: 8/17/2016

The Dialogue with Eric Mowell

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 34th installment visiting with Eric Mowell, lead creative geek of Peak60 Innovative Solutions who has a constant determination for developing the most technically sound yet artistically engaging products that are built specifically with the user in mind.
What is Peak60 about? I am passionate about bringing ideas to life. I have hired and collaborated with many industrial design/ product development companies through-out my career, but these companies are typically located only in major metropolitan areas. There are so many amazing businesses in the local area, and I want to be able to help them bring their ideas to life as well. We work to understand businesses, then build innova-tive solutions through digital media marketing, new product devel-opment (Industrial Design & Engineering), and packaging design/ development.
How did you get started? In addition to my design experience, I was fortunate enough to be a major part of the growth of a local CPG company. During my tenure I led the creation and management of the new product development team that became a primary focus for the company, setting it apart from competition, and helping it to achieve a top spot in its category even among several well known industry giants such as P&G and J&J. This experience helped me under-stand the business and how to be successful in the market, and I am now applying those principles to Peak60.
Who is your mentor? My wife has definitely been my biggest supporter throughout my career. She has been my top advocate, praying for me and en-couraging me as I pushed further out of my comfort zone. She has been a great critic and a detached perspective for my work. Through the moves, risks, and rewards, she has challenged me, but most importantly been by my side.
Describe your customers. We cover a variety of business needs, so here is list of a few: • Individuals or businesses with product ideas that they want to see come to fruition. Businesses that may have products already, but could use some fresh updated designs and/or line extensions. • Businesses that need help with packaging designs and devel-opment. • Small to mid-size businesses that need help with digital marketing through website development, social media, etc.
What impacts your business the most? In the world of technology and design, ideology and perspective changes frequently. This can be due to social, economic, environmental, technological, legal and/or political environments, but on the flip side, a change in technology and design can also cause a change to those environments. A simple thought, when properly developed, has the opportunity to change the world.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started at Peak60. 1. My previous job was heavily involved in the national market, so I didn't have many local connections. But something tells me the Chamber can really help with that. 2. I wish I better knew when to hit the pause button. Building a business is hard, and you must be dedicated, but it's not healthy for it to overtake your life. 3. Not necessarily new to this business, but learned over time in my career. No two days are alike. Each day is an adventure, and you must embrace it and enjoy.