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Date: 7/08/2016

The Dialogue with Cynthia Warner

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So here we go with our 29th installment visiting with Cynthia Warner, owner of Cynthia's Natural Market, located at 532 E Broadway Ave. in Maryville. Its aim is to raise awareness of the impact that our choices make on ourselves, others and the planet.
What does Cynthia's Natural Market specialize in? We offer vitamins, herbs, supplements, healthy foods, essential oils and natural household and person care products. I also offer individual consultations and biofeedback.
How did you get started in this business? Like so many in this industry, personal health issues as well as the health of my family and friends. As a child of 12 I had watched my mother suffer for two years with conventional cancer treatments before succumbing to it. It was a very slow and painful death. So when issues arose in my own life and conventional therapies failed, I began looking for answers. It stood to reason that if you found the cause of a health challenge and addressed that, then improved health would naturally follow. It was the desire to know what was at the root of our problems and take action that led me to where I am today.
How did you get started? I have worked in the industry for 34 years at various locations. I am an avid reader, so I read and study constantly. I became a naturopath through the Clayton School of Natural Health and a certified health educator through Hippocrates Health Institute.
Describe your customers. My customers are awesome. They are people from all walks of life. Generally they are seeking answers to some type of health challenge or they are looking for a healthy alternative to something they are currently using. They are curious and open, they're just wonderful.
What do you wish you knew when you started in the business? I believe you have to experience something before it becomes your truth. So if I knew those things when I started I would have missed out on the experience of learning them. I love the aha moments when you figure something out. I never want to know everything.
What do you enjoy about your business? I love the different challenges that you face day to day, the mental stimulation that comes from dealing with them. I love all the different hats you have to wear at any given moment. Food and health are some of my passions, so being in an environment where I have to research and talk about them all day really works for me.

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