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Date: 9/30/2020

The Dialogue with CORE Benefits & Investments

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 163rd installment visiting with CORE Benefits & Investments which is a full-service financial services firm.
Describe what your business does.
We are in business to help our clients – our friends – build, retain, and protect their family and business. Whether helping business owners with their risk management and retirement plan needs, or advising families on their investments and insurance needs, CORE has positioned itself as the only firm our clients need to accomplish their goals.
How did you get started in this business?
In 2007, Neal Clark, Michael Collins, and Randy Davis founded the firm to deliver services with an independent mindset and a broad set of resources to offer. The founding partners believed that in order to provide great service and advice, CORE must be free of the restrictions that many companies face by offering their proprietary products. This independence was harvested in the many years of experience each partner gained working in the financial and insurance industries prior to starting CORE.
What is your background?
Owners and employees have been properly educated and tested through rigorous education and exams. Many years of cumulative experience from all employees lends to our ability to run our business.
Who is your mentor?
We have been guided and supported by many financial advisors over the years, as well as successful business owners within our community; especially local CPA’s we’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Describe your customers.
We work with business owners, families, and individuals. They have one thing in common: we enjoy working with all of them.
What environments impact the business?
The economic, legal and political environments have the biggest impact on our business. The economy weighs heavy on our business, as well as in the markets which the legal and political environments affect regulations on our business.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started.
 1) We wish we knew how hard it is to gain new clients. We would have worked smarter in the beginning. We’ve learned since then and continue to work smarter and harder throughout our careers. 
2) We wish we would have been more involved in community activities, which is why we’ve begun our CORECares Initiatives to give back to the community. 
3) We wish we would have started our independent business sooner.
What do you enjoy about the business?
We love the independence that this business provides. We all enjoy coming to work…it’s not a job, it’s fun!