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Date: 8/24/2020

First Horizon National Corporation offers Free Financial Wellness Workshops

In an effort to support businesses and their employees during the economic downturn, First Horizon Bank is now offering an on-demand Financial Wellness program. The program includes free financial wellness workshops that can now take place virtually. With the addition of the on-demand option, First Horizon is making financial literacy even more convenient for people in East Tennessee.


Through the program, these organizations provide their employees with access to virtual workshops focusing on personal finances and strategies for improving financial health. Free, confidential counseling sessions with First Horizon Bank financial representatives are also offered as part of the program.


“Our business partners have shared that their employees need us now more than ever,” said Dave Miller, president of First Horizon Bank for the East Tennessee Region. “Offering classes in a pre-recorded format is another way we are bringing financial wellness and empowerment to individuals during a time when many can benefit from professional counsel. Those enrolled in the program can listen when they have time, and we always invite them to schedule a one-on-one confidential financial counseling appointment at the end of each class.”


Best practices from successful financial wellness programs indicate that classes addressing basic financial topics like how to build an emergency savings fund, how to budget and how to avoid costly debt may be the most relevant to peoples' lives, regardless of their compensation. With these guidelines in mind, First Horizon currently offers classes on topics including:


  • Introduction to Financial Wellness
  • Importance of Financial Goals
  • 5 Factors to Financial Wellness
  • Budgeting for Success
  • Understanding Credit
  • Boosting Your Score
  • Budgeting to Achieve Financial Goals
  • Understanding Fraud
  • Identity Protection
  • More Bang For Your Buck


Participating companies and employees do not have to be First Horizon Bank clients to take advantage of the workshops or to consult with a First Horizon Bank Financial Wellness expert. To learn more about the program, workshops and the financial counseling sessions, companies can email Amy Moffitt at