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Date: 7/24/2020

Get help now: How drug and alcohol treatment can make you a better employee

If you’re putting off getting help for a substance abuse problem because of concern you might lose your job, consider how drug and alcohol treatment can make you a better employee.

When you’re struggling with an addiction, understanding that there can actually be benefits to getting help is difficult. After all, addiction and alcoholism are still heavily stigmatized, and because of the economic uncertainties posed by COVID-19, many workers don’t want to spotlight any sort of perceived liability that may cost them their job.

In many cases, those individuals may find that their employers value them even more. After all, according  to The Washington Post [1], while “there is no good data on whether former substance abusers make more reliable workers or perform better at their jobs than other employees, according to the Recovery Research Institute … employers, researchers and government officials suggested that successfully helping an employee with a substance abuse problem breeds allegiance to the company.”

And, according to Jenny Levy, a vice president with the New Hampshire-based company Hypertherm, “employees ‘who are supported through their recovery are incredibly loyal,’ Levy said. ‘They make great workers.’”