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Date: 7/09/2020

Three Honored at Blount Count Job Signing Day

The Blount Partnership is celebrating high school students who took advantage of work-based learning, Career & Technical Education (CTE) and early post-secondary opportunities while in high school and signed-on to a job upon their graduation.

The Blount Partnership promotes the notion that although every student's path may be different, and sometimes nontraditional, there are opportunities for meaningful careers in Blount County for everyone. It also wants to celebrate the fact that there are multiple opportunities during high school for our students to explore and begin preparing for careers.

Three students honored with a special signing day are:

Kurt Headrick
Heritage High School
Company: UT Little River Dairy Farms
Position: Student Worker
High School Training: Kurt complete Work-Based Learning at UT Little River Dairy Farms and was in an Engineering Program of Study. He was hired upon completion and graduation.

Ethan Webb
Heritage High School
Company: NAVUS Automation Inc.
Position: Automation Specialist
High School Training: Ethan was in two different programs of study - Collision Repair and Welding. He did Work-Based Learning at Foster's Auto Body Repair and then used his other skill set of welding to gain employment at NAVUS.

Tanner Hannah
William Blount High School
Company: Xtreme Tower Products
Position: Driller in the Prefab Department – working his way toward becoming a welder.
High School Training: Tanner studied welding at William Blount High School and did Work-Based Learning at Xtreme, where he was hired full-time upon completion and graduation.