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Date: 11/22/2019

The Dialogue with Tyler Chase

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 151st installment visiting with Tyler Chase, CEO of Creekside Cyber Systems, LLC, which provides top-of-the-line IT support and managed services to small and mid-sized businesses in Blount County and the surrounding area.
Describe what your business does. Creekside provides managed IT and cyber security services that are focused on the partner that chooses us. We are here to be the best in service and capability to our partners without the hassle of pressure from a sales team. We strive to be the IT partner that you want and need to come alongside your business as an asset, not a problem.
How did you get started? I joined the Marine Corps in 2012 and they put me in a role of "Data Systems Administrator". This really kindled my love of professional IT. As I went through the years since, I noticed a great greed in the providers of our area. Nickel and diming small businesses just for a buck. That is when I chose to start Creekside Cyber Systems.
What is your background? I have not ceased to learn since I got involved in this field. Through mentorship from industry leaders, added training and certification classes, and formal college education, I have excelled in this field. Personally I hold nine certifications currently and have no plans of slowing down.
Who is your mentor? There are two individuals that I would say have had the greatest impact. 1. Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone 2. Travis D Gunny Basilone has been a role model of mine ever since I heard of his leadership and tenacity despite being separated by decades. Travis has shown me more than I could even begin to describe in this field. He has been a great resource to me and a firm friend.
Describe your customers. As a managed IT provider we will support anyone who desires or needs our services. Any business should have at least an IT advisor to give advise on compliance issues related to taking payment cards and in some cases health information to avoid federal penalties.
What environments impact your business? The biggest direct impact is technology. It is always changing and in order to stay competitive Creekside needs to be on the cutting edge of tech in both implementation and daily use.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. I wish I knew that it was going to cost more than I initially anticipated. I wish that I had known more of the basics like insurance and tax registration.
What do you enjoy about running the business? I absolutely love being able to work WITH partners instead of seeing them as only a source of income. Partnering with businesses and their owners instead of only selling to them allows us to create solutions that are within the businesses price range and results in very healthy partnerships.
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