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Date: 9/25/2019

Canine Search and Recovery to Train in Blount County

More than 100 dog handlers representing 24 states with 18 different dog breeds will be on hand for a four-day Canine Search and Recovery (CSAR) training session held at numerous locations in Blount County, October 7-10, 2019. All sessions are open to the public.

The volunteer non-profit organization provides training, networking and education for search dogs and handlers while promoting the increased use of search dogs. Dog and handler teams assist law enforcement and other responsible rescue agencies in the location of missing and lost persons and cadaver recovery.

Classes include two urban trailing classes, three trailing classes, three area live find classes, three human remains classes, and two water (drowning scenario) classes. There are 19 instructors from all over the U.S., all volunteering their time to teach new or refine old skills.

Tracking: One or two people walk across an area and hide. Then a dog and handler will try to follow the trail to the correct person. There may be 2 dogs working some of the time, but never more than 2. They track the scent until they find the hiding person. All levels of training are taking place.

Area live find: Dogs learn to find people lost in the woods using scent that is in the air and dogs are worked off lead. Dogs work in front of the handler hunting for human scent on the air. When they find the subject, they go back to their handler giving a trained final response that says, "Hey follow me. I found someone." Dogs will be in various stages of learning these skills.

Human remains: Target odors are placed or hidden in areas. Dogs and handlers learn how to find the odor and then give a trained final response to alert the handler that the target odor has been located. Again, all levels of training will be taking place. 

The sessions run from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each day, rain or shine. Each day’s location is listed below.


All water classes are held at Volunteer Cove Marina, 3725 Maryville Pkwy., Monday-Thursday.



Human remains at Headrick’s New and Used Auto Parts, 3204 E Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Maryville (morning only)

Trailing at 514 Old Cedar Creek Rd., Townsend

Area live find at Tremont Institute, 9275 Tremont Rd., Townsend

Beginner human remains at Townsend Visitor Center, 7906 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Townsend



Trailing at Tremont Institute, Blount County Parks and Rec Commission (316 S. Everett High Rd., Maryville) or Heritage High School (3741 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Maryville)

Human remains at Headrick’s New and Used Auto Parts (morning only)

Area at - 514 old cedar Creek Rd., Townsend



Trailing at Bicentenniel park, 409 N. Cusick St., Maryville

Human remains at Little River Campground, 7261 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Townsend

Area at Tremont Institute



Trailing at Heritage High School

Area at Camp Wesley Woods, 329 Wesley Woods Rd., Townsend

Human remains at Little River Campground