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Date: 9/19/2019

The Dialogue with Christopher Dunlap

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 145th installment visiting with Christopher Dunlap, owner of Dunlap's lawn care and landscaping.

Describe what you do. We offer a variety of services including lawn care, landscaping, mulching, aeration, laying sod, pressure washing, leaf removal, and stump grinding.


How did you get started? I started 8 years ago just wanting some extra income on the side. Every year I continued to get more and more clients. Before I knew it, I was having to hire help to keep up with the demand.


What is your background? As a child, I loved being outside and working. The older I got, the more I knew that being outside and helping others was going to be my calling.


Who is your mentor? That would unanimously be Jesus. After teaching elementary education for 11 years, I felt a new calling. I never expected to be doing this for a living, but God has a funny way of proving us otherwise.


Describe your customers. Residential and commercial services in the Blount County area.


Name three things you wish you knew when you started. 1. Accept the fact that everyday there will be new challenges. 2. Treat every customer like they are the most important in the world. 3. Don't be afraid to work hard and get your hands dirty.


What do you enjoy about the business? We enjoy knowing that what we do for clients is making their lives easier.

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