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Date: 9/12/2019

The Dialogue with Holly Roe

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 144th installment visiting with Holly Roe, owner of Cinnaholic, a gourmet cinnamon roll bakery.

What is Cinnaholic? When we tasted these for the first time we knew we had to bring the first ever Cinnaholic to the state of Tennessee! Describe what your business does. We have a gourmet cinnamon roll bakery. We make everything from scratch daily. We don’t own a freezer so you get a truly hot fresh cinnamon roll that was made that same day when you visit us. We have 20+ frosting flavors and 20+ toppings to choose from. You can customize your cinnamon roll. We also have cookies, brownies, cookie dough scoops, and we cater large and small events.

How did you get started? We were on a family trip in Colorado and stumbled upon one of these bakeries. It was the best thing we had ever tasted. We knew then that we needed one in East Tennessee.
What is your background? It has always been a dream to own a bakery. My grandmother had a love for serving people and cooking. Working with people much smarter than me helped me get the business set up and running logistically. Skills such as a desire to serve others, customer service, and personality are a lot harder to teach someone. That’s why at Cinnaholic we always hire for personality and friendliness over experience every time!
Who is your mentor? My inspiration was my grandmother who came here from Egypt as an immigrant and made an impact on her community for her kindness and always giving all she had to serve others, my mother who is much like her, my husband who is my rock, and my business partner David Shanks who is one of the most helpful, generous and smart guys I know! David was the key to getting our business going and we will be forever grateful.
Describe your customers. AMAZING!!! That’s the very best part of our job. I had never worked with the public before opening this bakery and what I found is that 99.9% of people are just truly genuinely nice!! We love that we know our customers by name and they keep coming back. Our bakery is vegan So we are able to serve people who have food allergies and are not able to eat sweets elsewhere. It’s our joy to make people so happy and watch children who are allergic to milk and eggs light up when we tell them they can have anything in the entire bakery!
What do you enjoy about the business? The people!! Not just customers but our staff! We’ve been open less than a year and we still have all of our original employees except for one. Our team is amazing. They are kind to each other. We are a family and everyone helps each other out. When your employees love each other so much that they hang out when work is over you know you’ve got a good team.
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