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Date: 9/04/2019

Whale Sanctuary Project Partners with Orange Orchard to Raise Awareness, Create North America’s First Whale Sanctuary

The Whale Sanctuary Project has selected Orange Orchard, a global public relations agency specializing in animal welfare and environmentally conscious brands, to raise U.S. awareness of its mission to fund and create the first North American seaside sanctuary for whales and dolphins.

“The Whale Sanctuary Project is the first organization of its kind,” said Lori Marino, founder and president of the Whale Sanctuary Project.  “There are many who care about the plight of these captive animals, but we wanted to put that sentiment into action. Orange Orchard is also a rarity in the public relations industry. They’re focused on creating an eco-friendly, environmentally friendly world that is focused on animal welfare and social responsibility. It was important for us to work with a like-minded agency, and Orange Orchard shares our values and mission of creating a better world for animals.”


The Whale Sanctuary Project recently announced that the organization is closing in on a location for the sanctuary, which would house orcas or belugas who have retired from entertainment venues or need rehabilitation or permanent care. Many captive animals — especially those born into captivity — are unable to be released into their natural habitat and will often require a lifetime of care. The seaside sanctuary will offer as natural a setting as possible and allow them to live out their days free from concrete tanks and entertainment-related training and shows. While there are sanctuaries for many other rescued or rehabilitated animals, this would be the first sanctuary in North America created for whales.

“The world is beginning to realize that all animals are sentient and belong in nature, and organizations like the Whale Sanctuary Project help make that possible," said Heather Ripley, CEO of Orange Orchard. "It offers these whales and dolphins a place to retire in nature, but more importantly, it offers them a future that’s free from performing and a magnitude of space that allows them to move around and explore a complex environment. This cause is important to our team, and we’re proud to help this wonderful organization increase awareness of their mission.”

Orange Orchard is a division of Ripley PR, a global public relations agency using a blend of strategic business accounting and creative public relations branding to deliver measurable results. Orange Orchard works with environmentally conscious, animal-friendly, vegan and plant-based brands that aim to make the world a kinder place to live.


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