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Date: 7/30/2019

Genera Selects Ripley PR as Public Relations Agency of Record

Genera, a Tennessee-based company, has selected global B2B agency Ripley PR as its PR agency of record to promote awareness of Genera’s Earthable® line of sustainable agricultural fiber products. Genera recently announced that it had secured more than $118 million in new investment for its first manufacturing facility, which will produce the company’s Earthable® brand.

“We are confident Ripley PR will be a great partner as we begin to launch the Earthable® brand in earnest,” said Kelly Tiller, president and CEO of Genera. “The demand for non-wood fiber products is continuing to grow. We’re not only offering an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics and polystyrene (Styrofoam-type products), but we’re also helping rural farmers create an additional source of revenue by offering the opportunity to grow sustainable fiber crops. It’s a significant win for the environment as well as the agricultural community.”

Genera will use agricultural crops such as biomass sorghum and switchgrass, along with crop residues, to create sustainable fiber and fiber-based packaging and products, including towel, tissue, plates, takeout containers and other food service products. The fiber is created through a manufacturing process that uses less energy, water and chemicals than traditional fiber production processes, creating a smaller carbon footprint. The Earthable® line is also 100% compostable and can be completely broken down within 90 days.

“As concerns about our planet continue to grow, consumers are becoming more discerning and demanding environmentally responsible products and packaging from the brands they do business with,” said Heather Ripley, CEO of Ripley PR. “Companies like Genera will be at the forefront of a revolution as more and more companies begin to introduce solutions that are environmentally conscious and still financially sound.”

Ripley PR specializes in manufacturing, green and B2B public relations. The global agency offers strategic communications services for its clients, including crisis management, media relations and social media strategies. The agency’s unique combination of strategic business accounting and creative public relations help clients build brand awareness, establish positive reputations and drive increased leads and sales.

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