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Date: 7/24/2019

Blount County Chamber Sets Membership Record

Every company strives for positive business growth and through a two-day membership event produced by Your Chamber Connection, the Blount County Chamber of Commerce expanded its roster by adding 341 new and upgraded memberships, bettering its total of 333 in 2012.


Although the final totals aren’t official until 3:27 p.m. Thursday as volunteers work to close any open membership sales, the total revenue is projected to be the most ever generated by a chamber in the state of Tennessee and rank in the top five nationally.


Held at the Airport Hilton, nearly 300 community volunteers clad in coordinated outfits and costumes spread the word about what being a chamber of commerce member means to the strength of the business community. As the voice of business, a chamber’s influence is only as good as the involvement it receives from company owners and corporate leadership.


“We were blown away by the support and energy displayed by the volunteers during the event,” said Blount Partnership president/CEO Bryan Daniels. “We set the statewide standard during our first event in 2012 and exceeded all expectations this year.


“The chamber is doing impressive things in this community from workforce development to pushing forward on a healthcare plan for small business owners. This is the best way to communicate the chamber’s story through current members relaying how joining advances the community today and for years to come.”


The event culminates in a wrap-up party Thursday at 5:21 p.m., where the final membership totals and dollars raised will be revealed. Additionally, volunteers will be recognized for their efforts by the announcing of the Godfaddah, Godmuddah, Goodfellas and Big Dogs, which go to the people who brought in the most memberships.