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Date: 1/24/2019

The Dialogue with Zo McCullough

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 130th installment visiting with Zo McCullough, general manager of D1 MV Sports Training which provides world-class training to the Knoxville area and we want to make our training more convenient for the Blount County area.
Describe what D1 does. The mission of D1 MV Sports Training is to provide all clients with a best-in-class athletic training experience reflecting that which top-tier collegiate and professional athletes receive on a daily basis; to help identify, motivate and assist athletes to reach their goals; to establish D1 as THE premium athlete training brand; and to foster an environment of character development and excellence.
How did you get started? After interning and working in multiple fitness environments in the area, I came to realize that no training center comes close to the level of commitment and quality of training that D1 Sports Training offers. I wanted to establish D1 MV because we realized that there is a need for athletic-based training in the area.
What is your background? My background includes both undergraduate and masters degrees in Exercise Science. My internship work has allowed me to work with the University of Tennessee and University of Edinburgh teams, as well as meeting and working with multiple collegiate and professional athletes throughout my coaching experience. I've learned invaluable advice from all of the coaches that I've worked alongside throughout the years.
Who is your mentor? My biggest career mentor is definitely our owner, Devin Driscoll. While I have gained my sports science background from other educational resources, he has taught me more about the private sector of fitness training than I could have ever ask for. After working with him in multiple gym environments, no one has continually invested in my future and been there for advice like he has. I can't ever repay him for all of his help over the years.
Describe your customers. One of our philosophies is that 'Every Body Needs Training'. We focus on providing athlete-based training to all who can be dedicated to their training and want an encouraging environment to push them towards their fitness goals.
What environments impact your business? A lot of factors can negatively impact the performance training business environment unless we stay on top of them. While socially, health and wellness are becoming more important to most, being committed to understanding socio-cultural trends is key to providing quality training that is 'worth it' in any economic environment. Technological and political environments are constantly changing. It is our responsibility to make sure we know what could impact the fitness realm with beneficial technological changes and/or political changes and trends.
Name three things you wish you knew when you started. My marathon training and business development overlap: 1. Business is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on long-term goals instead of a short-term payoff. Organization is vital to its success. 2. There are no shortcuts or secrets that take away from the fact that you must put in the work to see the results that you want. 3. When you reach the finish line, know that you gave it everything that you had. Regrets of not doing enough hurt more than the sacrifices during the race.
What do you enjoy about the business? I enjoy providing an environment to help clients reach their fitness goals, employees reach their business goals and the community benefits from our involvement in the area.
Any additional comments? If you have thought-provoking questions about fitness, feel free to contact us! Your question may be posted on social media and could help you and others in the process! Community involvement is important to us! Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help out with an event! Look forward to hearing from you soon!
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