Media Room

Date: 12/07/2018


CBBC Bank Board of Directors and its holding company, Twin Cities Financial Services, Inc., is pleased to announce its annual cash dividend.  The LOCAL bank recently declared this dividend to shareholders of record as of November 16, 2018.  The dividend of $2.10 per share represents an increase that reflects the continued success and growth of the bank.


In the annual letter to CBBC Bank shareholders, President and CEO Mike Baker voiced, “Your Bank’s current asset size is over $348 million, and deposits have reached $294 million.  In late 2018, commercial loan growth led our portfolio to over $201 million.  On September 25th, we celebrated our 45th Anniversary and we look forward too many more years of continuing our mission statement - to make our LOCAL community a better place to live and work.” 


CBBC Bank remains committed to the friendly greetings and personal relationships that our customers have grown to expect.  Blount County’s LOCAL bank since 1973, CBBC Bank has 7 locations in Blount County with one location in Knoxville.