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Date: 8/30/2018

The Dialogue with Dan Jarvis

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 117th installment visiting with Dan Jarvis, director of operations for BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies, which is an environmental engineering & technical consulting firm that offers creative and affordable project management professionals that can assist with engineering, operation and regulatory needs.
Describe what BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies does. Our focus is regulatory compliance and permitting, air pollution control, wastewater treatment, solid waste, odor control, hazardous waste and process engineering. The CuprilDyne Clean Odor Control division of our business is the lowest cost most effective odor eliminator. It is not a masking agent. We use our patented eco-friendly technology to safely, gently and effectively oxidize odorous compounds.
How did you get started in this business? In the summer of 2017 BioLargo Inc. decided that it needed a engineering group to continue the company growth both internal and external. On September 5, 2017 our group joined BioLargo Inc and its subsidiaries as BioLargo Engineering, Science & Technologies LLC.
What is your background? With an average of more that 30 years of experience, our team understands how to deliver innovative technology based solutions to get the job done while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, safety and reliability.
Describe your customers. Our customers are both large and small companies that have a wide range of disciplines ranging from various types of manufacturing, government agencies, landfills, potable and wastewater treatment facilities, real estate firms, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing and power plants.
What impacts the business environment you work in? This is a fast-paced world and environmental health and safety conditions change daily. Tackling these challenges and for seeing their impact on production, worker safety and operations within permitted limits requires experience to stay ahead of the curve.
What do you enjoy about the business? What we enjoy is that with our low overhead we can offer our clients a affordable rate that will help with their budgets.
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