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Date: 8/09/2018

The Dialogue with Eric Moser

This feature is a question-and-answer session with a new Blount County Chamber member. So, here we go with our 115th installment visiting with Eric Moser, owner of Gold Crown Vacation Club, which was created to provide the best family & business vacation options and prices.
Gold Crown Vacation Club sounds interesting, can you tell me more?After spending time with some of the largest hospitality organizations in the world, Gold Crown’s executive team recognized a need for a fair, transparent and straight forward hospitality organization that puts INTEGRITY first. Families and businesses, who know the importance of getting away and taking a vacation do so hoping that those self proclaimed experts they turn to with there hard earned vacation dollars have their best interest in mind. To often this is not the case and those so called “Experts” are truly just interested in maximizing their own incomes rather than truly providing the best vacation experience at the best price to hard working families. Gold Crown Vacation Club was formed out of distain for those who assume the title “The Very Best In The Hospitality Industry” without requiring the very best from themselves. Gold Crown Vacation Club Guarantees to perform day to day operations with the highest standards in INTEGRITY while providing the very best pricing, best location, best amenities and 100% transparency so our clients can rest assure their vacation dollars our getting the most value.
How can one get more information?We would like to present our product and we are willing to put our money where our mouths is. Any business, or individual willing to give us a honest 45 minutes to understand Gold Crown and our product we will give a complimentary 3 day 2 night vacation just for listening. We are confident once you have seen our prices and business structure you will feel more than confident in doing business with us....We are also offering a SNEAK PREVIEW into our vacation platform. Please be sure if you take the time to look at Resort WEEKs in the main menu it is a vacation game changer. Log on: and enter username: with password: demo123

We are offering the best price in the Nation right here in Blount County......75% off list price for all Chamber Members offer expires Aug. 31, 2018. We look forward to talking soon as we will be calling to introduce ourselves to and our services.
How did you get started? I started in the hospitality industry working in companies like Westgate, Holiday Inn, Wyndham and Summer Bay Resorts. I spent a brief tenure within these organizations to better understand their respective product offerings and identify true vacation value. One thing that was obvious in each one of the organizations is that the real value was in the club.....The problem was each developer (Resort) would only offer a one year membership in their respective club in an effort to bring you back the following year and sell timeshare once again. Once you bought timeshare you had access to the club but by that point you were on the hook for 40k in timeshare. The truth of it, most people end up using the club more than their 40k dollar timeshare. I saw an opportunity to bring the club directly to the public but also went a step further and created a business program that caters directly to businesses and their employees. This is the first of its kind available in East TN.
What is your background? My resume has 25 years of executive experience: Sunset Direct 1992-2000 Director of Sales Ultrak Security 2000-2002 National Sales Manager Frankwell Investments 2002-2004 Senior FOREX Advisor Dell Computers 2004-2007 Product Specialist Home Depot Supply/Trane 2007-2009 Territory Sales Manager Longhorn Oil & Gas 2009-2015 Owner/Operator The Father Rights Movement 2013-2017 Advocate/Volunteer Westgate, Wyndham, Holiday Inn & Summer Bay Resorts 2017-2018 Vacation Counselor Gold Crown Vacation Club 2018-Present
Who is your mentor? Thats easy my parents.....I have met amazing people throughout my career but my greatest source of inspiration and my anchor has always been mom and dad. A few honorable mentions would have to be Doug Monahan (Owner Sunset Direct and Entrepreneur of the year multiple times) Ken Newman (VP of Sunset Direct and lifelong friend)

Describe your customers. Anyone who travels or vacations at least once a year and does not want to spend 40k dollars the next 10 years doing it.