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Date: 7/09/2018

Coffee House & Bakery Bistro Coming to Townsend

Apple Valley has long been considered a “must stop” attraction for travelers visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.  That sentiment will only grow with the exciting addition of a quaint new coffee house and bakery called “The Dancing Bean” to the iconic shopping center. Dancing Bear Lodge will also open a new guest check-in center adjacent to the Coffee House.


In addition to the General Store and café, where visitors can still find the same assortment of souvenirs, fudge flavors, and fried pies that they’ve known and loved for a generation, the Dancing Bean Coffee House & Bakery will provide a more upscale place for shoppers to relax while enjoying a tasty beverage and eating delicious baked goods created by the culinary team at Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro. The Coffee House is conveniently located across the parking lot from the General Store, and just down the hill from Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, directly facing US 321.


The idea behind the new Coffee House/ Bakery Bistro is to give a new outlet for the Dancing Bear culinary team in this newly created facility -- directly on US 321 -- and to feature great locally roasted coffees, espresso, and cappuccino. Additionally, regionally-produced Kambucha will be on tap, along with Nitro Coffee. The Coffee House/ Bistro will also feature fresh fruit smoothies, custom sodas, bottled juices, and imported and local bottled beers. The cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch with counter service and plenty of indoor and outdoor deck seating. Free Wifi is also part of the offerings. Jerrica Shepherd has been named General Manager of The Dancing Bean; she brings a wealth of knowledge about coffee and the coffee industry to the Coffee House and Bakery.


Travelers can look for Chef Shelley Cooper’s various treats to start appearing on opening day, currently scheduled for July 16th, with a grand opening in mid-September. The “Dancing Bean” is a play on the brand name “Dancing Bear,” as Chef Cooper’s culinary creations are featured at the Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro, a relaxed yet upscale restaurant located up the hill at Dancing Bear Lodge. Menu items planned to appear on opening day include house-made muffins, sticky buns, biscuits, flatbread breakfast and lunch creations, wheat bread, and sourdough bread creations. Also, Benne Seed bacon, granola, pimento cheese, fresh compote, and other Dancing Bear staple items will be available in bulk or individual servings. House-made loaf bread will be available for sale each day, but when it runs out, it runs out -- until the next batch is baked fresh daily in the Dancing Bear kitchen.


Dancing Bean Coffee Company will also offer fresh ground coffee by the pound or whole bean coffee by the pound for carry-out.


Mark and Sharon Oldham, owners of both the Apple Valley and Dancing Bear brands, are excited to introduce the new products as part of their ongoing commitment to create something unique in Townsend. They envision a destination where guests can find great shopping options to match with premium lodging and dining experiences. 

The announced enhancements improve on an already popular choice for travelers and locals who seek great places to eat, shop and relax while in the Smokies. 


Currently known as “Apple Valley Stores & Café,” the ever-popular Townsend attraction is being renamed “Apple Valley Mountain Village” to describe better the stores’ location in the Smokies and the variety of new product offerings to be unveiled during the summer and fall of 2018. Those interested in following the progress of The Dancing Bean and learn what to expect from the new developments at Apple Valley Mountain Village can get updates on the brands’ websites or, along with their Facebook pages at and