The state of Tennessee wants to be a go-to spot for business owners and entrepreneurs, and no place in the entire state is as equipped to deliver the goods as Blount County. Maryville has been voted one of the top cities where you can “have it all,” it has been called a hot retirement destination, and Forbes magazine has ranked it 5th in the nation for business, ahead of all the other Tennessee metro areas.

All this publicity has inspired many people to make the move to Blount County, and with that significant influx of residents, business is booming. New jobs and new skills are in demand in many different sectors including education, leisure, and life. Should your business find a new home in Blount County?

Doing Business in Tennessee


One of the main draws to the state is the low tax and regulatory burdens that small businesses face. For sole proprietors, there isn’t a salary income tax. The sales tax is a bit higher in the state to offset that, but Tennessee is a right-to-work state which means no one has to join a labor union. You can find out more information about permits and forms you will need in Blount County on this resource page.


There are several industries in the state that have been booming in recent years. Health care is at the top of the list with automobile manufacturing coming in a close second. There is also a fair amount of entertainment based dollars being made with Nashville being considered the seat of country music. Tourism is a very strong industry as well in many areas of the state. In Blount County, the major employers are Alcoa Inc aluminum company and McGhee Tyson Airport. There is also a lot of service-based industry near Pellissippi Place. This mixed-use area includes technology and research companies as well as hotels, retailers, restaurants, and conference centers.


With the influx of people moving to the area, the workforce is varied and diverse. The Drive to 55 Alliance is a driving force in getting Tennesseans equipped with college degrees. This initiative is trying to prepare residents to meet the demands of the ever-changing industries that are calling the state home. This is a great boon for a business owner because it gives you an educated workforce to hire from.


Blount County in the Spring


If you still need more reasons to call Blount County your home, one visit in the spring should be enough to completely sway you. On average, you will find that there are over 200 sunny days per year, but you still get more than average rainfall to keep your gardens in bloom. In the summer, the highs are around 85 degrees and in the winter lows are around 28 degrees. In the glorious spring months, you will find the weather to be a charming 65-75 degrees that is perfect for dining on a patio or taking a stroll through your neighborhood.


You don’t have to take our word for it! Come see everything that Blount County has to offer, in the spring and the rest of the year.