Apps are so familiar to us these days that it seems odd NOT to have access to one for our favorite companies, organizations and websites. Apps can be a superior option over a mobile website because they allow you to get straight to specific information instead of navigating a site menu. Take the all new Blount Partnership App that is a fantastic way to keep up with all kinds of local information without looking for it at the Partnership’s large and detailed website.

Get Right to It

Whether you are a local business owner, member of the Partnership or just an everyday resident or visitor to the region, the app (whether on an iPhone or Android) gives you a fast way to find out news and more.

In fact, the menu is broken down into straightforward and effective headings:

  • News – Looking for all of the news about local businesses, activities and more? This is the tab to click open.
  • Events – If you want to discover what’s going on throughout the region, this is an amazing resource. For example, the Smoky Junction Model Railroad Exhibit that opened in November of 2018, but which runs through to the New Year, appears as the first listing, and then subsequent events such as Winter concerts, open houses, coffee clubs, parenting events, and so many other local activities are listed in order by date. Just swipe through the calendar to book an activity for yourself today, tomorrow or even a few weeks ahead!
  • Directory – Looking for a specific service provider or product? Looking for another Chamber member to which to give your business? This fast search engine lets you search by name or category and find all Chamber members offering what you need!
  • Social – Looking to follow the organizations that make up the Partnership via social media? You can follow them as a group or individually through this simple Social tab.
  • Settings – Get notifications and update your news feed to help you keep up to speed with everything going on in Blount County.

Since Blount County is one of the premiere gateways to the Smoky Mountains, it witnesses many people passing through every year. It is home to remarkable businesses and community organizations, and several of them have come together to form the Blount Partnership. These groups coordinate in order to see the county thrive economically, yet to also enjoy stability and an even better quality of life. The groups that play a part in the Partnership include the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Board and the Smoky Mountain Tourism Development Authority, and you can find out all about them when you download and use this clever and well-designed app.

Whether you are full-time resident, frequent or first-time visitor, or member of any of the organizations involved in the Partnership, you’ll appreciate what this app puts at your fingertips!