At the end of August 2018, Blount County, TN enjoyed an unemployment level that was lower than almost anywhere else in the country. At only 3.4% (compared to a national level of roughly 4%), it is clearly fairing very well in an uncertain time. The reasons for that are many and include:

  • An active Chamber of Commerce dedicated to promoting economic growth and stability in the area while also nurturing community development and guaranteeing a higher quality of life
  • A business-friendly atmosphere with a huge number of existing firms already operating effectively in the area
  • Multiple thriving industries in addition to the area’s robust tourism industry
  • A more affordable cost of living than many other areas of the country (currently at around 86, with 100 the national average)
  • A #1 rating in NerdWallet’s assessment of top places to start a business in Tennessee (due to the effectiveness of the Blount Partnership, the geographic location and ongoing development of projects like Pellissippi Place)
  • Regulatory and tax environments friendly to smaller businesses

And while it is very safe to assume that seasonal jobs are in great abundance thanks to the millions of visitors who come to the area every year to see the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and other popular sites, there is also a lot of work in the key industries.

Job Hunting Resources

A good place to begin looking for a job in Blount County is through the Blount County Chamber of Commerce’s easy to use Job Board. From this page you can use the basic job board or use the links to the area’s top employers, including Blount Memorial Hospital, DENSO, Maryville College and more. However, the main Job Board page is usually full of options and these are organized by industry, such as manufacturing, restaurant, and so on. Direct links to employers makes it super easy to find out more about a potential job and submit an application or resume.

The Job Bank Page directs you to all current job listings and has an easy to use resume submission tool, as well. The city of Alcoa is also home to one of the American Job Center sites and this may also be a good resource when looking for employment within Blount County.

You can also pay a visit to the Blount County Library’s Job Resources Page which has links for federal jobs, jobs in Tennessee and more.

Look at Top Employers

You can also just take a look at the region’s top employers to see if they might also be currently hiring. Since growth is a huge part of this area’s current status, it is likely that the large-scale employers are eager to hear from you. They include Denso Manufacturing, Clayton Homes, Blount Memorial Hospital, Blount County Schools, Arconic, TeamHealth and the county government, among many others.

The takeaway from all of this is simple: Blount County has a dynamic amount of industry and almost no unemployment. If you are eager to relocate here or find employment, these resources can help.