With a motto like “Business Starts in Blount County,” it should come as no surprise that anyone who hopes to start a business in the area should find a lot of support from the Blount County Chamber of Commerce. As a nationally accredited Five-Star Chamber, the group is able to support existing businesses while also recruiting new industries and businesses in the county. Focusing on quality of life and community development, the Chamber serves as a strong link between the business and government communities of the area. Active since 1920, the Chamber really knows what it takes to get a business started and building lots of momentum.

Focusing on a Start-Up

If you are eager to start a business of any size in Blount County, there are many resources that the Chamber makes available. Key among them are their “Resources for Starting a Business,” which include a point-by-point Readiness Checklist. This is a comprehensive list of things you may have to consider and do as you lay the groundwork for your new Blount County business.

For example, the group helps you determine the right site, calculate needs for supplies and equipment, determine such things as what to sell or offer and how to best do that, recordkeeping tactics, legal issues, advertising, product or service pricing, buying and selling, employee issues, credit and banking needs, and much more.

Additional Services

Within the area of business startups, the Chamber also has tools designed to specifically help you “Get Your Concept in Motion,” with one of the most exciting options being a “Business Start Up Seminar.” This lets you encounter successful business owners in the area and hear from them just how they succeed. And if you determine that your concept is original, unmet, and likely to fill a need or offer something of interest, they provide the key to success – business planning tools that include templates and guides you download with a click.

The Chamber also offers you a sort of one-stop destination for facts, figures and details crucial to getting your idea off the ground. For example, they provide demographic information, permitting requirement information, formal business start-up requirements and contact information, marketing details, and more. Within each key area, a business professional will find relative links and information that will help them make the right choices as they create and actually start their Blount County business.

Membership and Its Privileges

It is also incredibly helpful to recognize the benefits of Blount County Chamber of Commerce membership. For example, there are the listings on the Chamber’s website, social media, and other key areas. Your membership fee is almost entirely tax deductible, and you can use the website to list events, special deals, news and other promotional information. You get referrals through membership and you also get those vital networking options like the monthly Coffee Club gatherings, quarterly Afternoon Mixers and annual Primetime networking event.