From February 19 to February 21, 2019, your business information could be distributed to 1400 businesses and individuals in Blount County. “Operation Thank You” is a special event that is part of Blount Chamber’s “ABC theory” – Always Buy Chamber, and it is incredibly easy to participate in.

This event involves volunteer Chamber members, staff and its Board of Directors, all of whom head out with Chamber member informational packets to deliver personally. If you volunteer to help distribute packets, you can agree to visit as few or as many members as you’d like. However, it is a rare chance to meet fellow Chamber members one-on-one and get to know what they do, how you might work together, and more.

Can’t participate in the distribution effort? That’s okay too. Although you miss out on meeting other business owners, you can still get your company’s information out and about.

All you need to do for the team at the Blount County Chamber to hand out your information to interested prospects is to send 1400 brochures, business promotional items or even gift certificates for your business. These will be added to those Chamber member informational packets mentioned above, and these packets will be hand-delivered by fellow Chamber members over the course of the three day event. The fee for inclusion in the packet is $250 per business.

Why You MUST Participate

By encouraging fellow Chamber members and others to always buy from other Chamber members, you are helping to build and strengthen the business community throughout the county. It is, essentially, a deeply discounted marketing service costing you only the value of the materials you deliver and the insertion fee.

It is a form of targeted marketing that lets you put your services directly in front of potential clients eager to see what you have available. This is a rare opportunity for any sort of business, and you will want to design your offer on a B2B basis (business to business). Consider:

What might a local Chamber member need or appreciate about your products or services?

What might a local business owner need from your company?

What sort of offers might be the most beneficial to fellow Chamber members?

What vital marketing messages are you trying to get out and which could benefit from this event?

Also, sit down and take time to figure out what you can afford. After all, giving out 1400 gift certificates is definitely eye-catching and a potent incentive. Yet, you must ask yourself if you could deliver and/or afford if all 1400 offers were used!

Pieces should be designed as inserts or enclosures and be no bigger than a standard 8.5”x11” sheet. And as stated, they can be purely promotional or informational, but may also represent some sort of value to potential clients, i.e. a gift card or discount coupon. You must deliver them ready for insertion to the Chamber no later than 5PM on Thursday, February 7.

Those interested in participating must contact Amy Lawson to make arrangements. She can be reached at or call 865.983.2241. The Blount County Chamber is always seeking ways to help members promote and build their businesses and the Always Buy Chamber concept is one of them. Join us in forwarding this effort and participate in Operation Thank You this year!