There are more than 60,000 residential properties in Blount County, and if you are planning a move or relocation to this gorgeous area of Tennessee, you’ll have many choices. Even more appealing is that you can pick a relatively suburban setting in an area like Alcoa, only 12 miles from Knoxville. Alternately, you’ll find very rural homes in the woodlands and mountains, valleys and rolling hillsides, too.

One thing that you must have before you begin searching for your dream home, though, is a local realtor familiar with the area and the homes available. While you can use an out of area realtor or even a website to scout around for a home, you benefit most from accessing the knowledge and insight that a local realtor offers.

Blount County’s Many Expert Realtors

Why not just get in touch with any realtor in the region? Why go local? There are always reasons that local realtors are best. These include:

  • They know all about the different parcels and properties and can steer you away from or towards the ones that do or don’t fit your needs best
  • They have their ears to the ground and often hear of listings even before they appear on the many real estate websites
  • They understand values. Many people get emotional about buying a home, but a realtor does not and can help you get the best value
  • They know the figures. While you could look up sales and real estate data (such as the fact that around 5,051 homes sold in Blount County in 2018 and that the median price has gone up steadily since 2013), a local realtor can tell you with accuracy if something is priced too high
  • They know the landscape. If you tell them what your dream home looks like in your personal vision of it, they may already know of places that fit the bill

Now that you know just why a local realtor is best, it is time to figure out just which of them to contact. A great hopping off point is through listings at any Chamber of Commerce for a region. The Blount County Chamber of Commerce makes a handy search engine of its membership available, and a look through its residential realtors turns up a long list of firms and individuals, including:

It always pays to work with local realtors and that is true of those eager to find their dream homes in Blount County. The Chamber has a useful list and above are only some of the names you’ll find there.