Anyone in business knows that there are always a lot of benefits to be gained through membership in professional organizations. Whether it is HVAC firm that gets certified by a specific manufacturer or the medical expert certified through a recognized group, it pays to have credentials. The same can be said of more general business credentials, such as membership in a Chamber of Commerce.

The Blount County Chamber of Commerce is an organization that has a mission aimed at promoting “economic growth and stability, fostering community development and enhancing the overall quality of life in the region.” As a business owner you also want to be associated with such goals, and you should see that as a direct benefit of membership. Yet, there is so much more you gain through participating in the organization.

Consider that it has been in existence for almost 100 years and has over one thousand members. As the county has roughly 60,000 residential properties, that says a lot about the size and level of activity in the community.

Historically, the Chamber has existed to also “develop a robust economic base by providing members access to information as well as business resources and activities that enhance the quality of life for all who live, work and play in our region. The vision statement of the Blount Chamber is to be the leading catalyst for creating a cooperative, productive and prosperous community.”

Clearly, you want to have access to those resources and those activities. What are they? Let’s do a quick look at the benefits of membership.

Benefits of Membership in the Blount County Chamber of Commerce

If you consider the most basic benefits, they would include the fact that membership is 85% tax deductible. And as soon as you join your gain a great deal of visibility in the business and local community through:

    • Listing in the Blount Chamber Directory
    • Appearing in the Chamber’s annual magazine, Basically Blount
    • One listing in The Daily Times ChamberTimes tab online
    • You are formally introduced and announced via various social media outlets


  • An article about your business appears in the newsletter, The Dialogue


  • You are supplied with digital versions of the Chamber logo for your website and any print publication
  • You are able to have your marketing brochures and/or business cards in the Chamber’s lobby, and you are part of the referral list for direct queries from consumers

And as we have noted in previous articles about Blount County Chamber of Commerce Membership, you also enjoy the $LN marketing tool and app, Member to Member Discount offers that allow you to market (for free) to fellow members, promotional listings in every Small Business Saturday, and free listings of job openings at the Chamber’s website, discounts on office supplies, a discount prescription card option, Business Advocacy and Governmental Issues services via Chamber reps, Business Counseling and Startup seminars through the SBDC Tennessee, and even customized labels and direct emails. You will find options for affordable credit card processing services, email marketing, and so much more.

No matter what status your business currently enjoys, you can always improve things with membership in the Chamber and the many benefits it delivers.