Are you looking for a great job or eager to find your next great career opportunity? It has to be about more than just the potential earnings or the prestige of a title or working for a specific firm. You want to search in an area known for its job growth and even for its job training programs. According to a 2016 report, one of the best places in the country for growth and job training is Tennessee, and Blount County in particular.

And though the report is nearing three years old, the facts haven’t changed. The global giant Amazon is bringing five thousand jobs to the Nashville area and as this is within easy reach of Knoxville and the Blount County area, it is clear that growth will spill over into these regions. Tourism remains at an all-time high with over nine million travelers visiting the region and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

What all of this means for the eager job hunter is simple: The Blount County area is thriving and is a fantastic place to find a job and/or start a business.

Where to Look?

Naturally, with so many online job engines and different social media platforms claiming to be great resources for those seeking work, it might seem that you don’t even have to look locally to get a good picture of the job market in Blount County.

However, that would be missing one of the biggest resources for the job hunter – Part of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce website, it is a simple and effective search engine of all local job opportunities. You can start by looking at the latest Featured Jobs that show you the company logos and a summary of the position needing to be filled.

You can also filter the opportunities by keywords or by categories. Take a look at “All Careers by Company” if you would like or look into the individual job listings from Small Business Jobs listings.

Links take you to the websites of the companies or the individual job listings, and you simply apply directly to the potential employer. Most will be Chamber members, which is a huge bonus.

Why? Quite simply, the vision and mission of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with working as a job search engine or website. Unlike popular employment sites, which have no interest in ensuring that candidates are a good fit, find authentic job listings or work for reputable firms, the is in line with the Chamber’s goals.

These are to promote economic growth and stability, foster community development and enhance the overall quality of life in the region. They intend to do this with integrity, innovation, goodwill, stewardship and alliance. Any firm offering employment through their engine is in line with all of those amazing values, and clearly, if you find a good fit in any of them, you’re off to a great start in a new career.