Space…it is amazing how often we find we have a deficit in this commodity. It is one of the reasons that storage properties have really taken off over the past few decades. Yet, our need for space may not be limited to temporary or long-term storage alone. Office space, work space and meeting spaces are also a limited thing, and that is why one of the nicest benefits to members of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce is the option to book the many different meeting spaces in the region.

What You’ll Find Available

First and foremost, all members are able to book the two unique meeting spaces within the Chamber’s main building at 201 S. Washington Street, Maryville, TN 37804. These include:

  • The Conference Room: This is the smaller space of the two and is designed for groups of 15 or less. The full-day rental fee is $150 and a four-hour rental is $75 (with a discounted price if you book a time slot prior to 5PM).
  • The Board Room: A larger space with room for up to 60 people, it books at a full-day price of $200 and a four-hour rental is $100.

There are also many different members of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce who happily offer fellow members the option for booking their meeting spaces. Keep in mind that the size and capacities of the spaces are going to vary widely, and you will need to check ahead of time for availability, fees and size. At the time of this writing the following Chamber members made meeting rooms available:

And if you are interested in offering space you have available, as a member of the Chamber, you can put yourself on the list and interact more with other businesses in the region!

There are a lot of benefits to becoming a member of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, and one of them is that you always have a meeting space (of almost any size) available to you through the Chamber or one of its many members. And it is important to keep in mind that interacting with other business owners and Chamber members in the area is a key way to network and grow your business.

So, don’t reorganize the furniture, struggle to hold a productive meeting in a noisy public area, or put off meetings simply because you don’t have anywhere to host them. There are dozens of spots throughout the county, and your next meeting is just a click or phone call away.