Anyone in business knows that they must always be on the lookout for new business. Whether it is creating leads or converting leads to customers, this part of the work is never done. That means you need to build favorable word of mouth between existing and potential customers, but you also need to gain some level of visibility.

The internet is great for that, and you can dedicate a lot of time and energy to such things as SEO and digital marketing. These put you in front of the people who use a phone or a computer to find whatever services or products you offer. However, whether your business is in a brick and mortar storefront or entirely online (or run from a home office), you need to visible even if someone is not yet specifically looking for you.

Advertising and marketing always aim at ensuring some measure of this occurs, but did you know that your membership in the Blount County Chamber of Commerce also brings some visibility?

Your Goal is Theirs, Too!

Take a look at the mission of the Blount County Chamber and you’ll see that your goal is a lot like theirs. They want to support “economic growth and stability, foster community development and enhance the overall quality of life in the region.” You are also hoping to see economic growth and put in some support for the community’s long term stability through good business practices.

Joining the Chamber helps you to realize such goals through Membership Benefits like:

  • Advertising – Through one free ad in The Daily Times, promotional listings for every Small Business Saturday, and free listings of job openings at the Chamber’s website, you can alert fellow members and the entire community to your news, deals and more.
  • Annual programs designed to give you visibility – “Operation Thank You” is a special event that is part of the Blount County’s “ABC theory” the “Always Buy Chamber” program, and it is incredibly easy to participate in. It helps you to interact with fellow chamber members and learn what they do while explaining what you offer
  • Networking events – There is a regular schedule of weekly and monthly meetings that help you network with other businesses and learn how you might partner up or gain traction in the local market.
  • Member to Member Discounts – This promotional program lets you market your services or products to fellow chamber members – for free! Just submit the information to the proper email address, and the entire Chamber then gets that information in a scheduled, monthly email as well as finding it at the website.
  • The $LN app – Save Local Now is a marketing tool that is part of membership in the Chamber. You get “live business listings, deal and event publishing, email marketing, iPhone and Android apps, social media sharing, SEO, and real-time analytics”. Consumers find your information through the app and it can be an easy way to gain and build a local audience.

There are so many other benefits to joining, and you will want to start enjoying these benefits today by becoming a member right away.