Cooperation is an essential behavior within any group that wants to succeed and the Blount Partnership has created a remarkable collection of groups that cooperate in order to bring “increased prosperity and quality of life to Blount County.” The organizations that work together in the Blount Partnership include the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, Blount County Economic Development Board and Smoky Mountain Tourism Authority, and they are striving to bring that prosperity to fruition.

Yet, as you can guess, only one of those groups has a membership opportunity available – the Blount County Chamber of Commerce. Joining it means that you can align yourself to the goals both of the Partnership and the Chamber itself, plus you have an amazing array of truly covetable “perks” as part of your membership.

The Mission and Perks of Blount County Chamber Membership

By joining the Blount County Chamber, you are indicating that you want to participate in the promotion of “economic growth and stability, foster[ing] community development and enhanc[ing] the overall quality of life in the region.” Clearly, there’s nothing bad about being affiliated with, and helping to bring about, such goals.

However, there’s more in it for you than an opportunity to improve your community in partnership with other business owners. Just consider the Membership Benefits available to you upon joining the Chamber:

  • $LN – This is a clever little acronym that stands for Save Local Now, and it is a marketing tool that becomes available to you upon joining the Chamber. It lets you “create, manage and analyze” your digital marketing efforts and bundles some astonishing options into a single space. You have “live business listings, deal and event publishing, email marketing, iPhone and Android apps, social media sharing, SEO, and real-time analytics.” Ask any marketing professionals and they will agree that these are key components to any strategy. Consumers find your information through the app and it can be a tremendously easy way to gain and build a local audience.
  • Member to Member Discounts – This promotional program lets you market your services or products to fellow chamber members – for free! Just submit the information to the proper email address, and the entire Chamber then gets that information in a scheduled, monthly email, as well as finding it at the website.
  • Advertising – Through one free ad in The Daily Times, promotional listings for every Small Business Saturday, and free listings of job openings at the Chamber’s website, you can alert fellow members and the entire community to your news, deals and more.
  • Discounts at A-Z Office Resources, Inc. – Enjoy savings on all of your office supplies and even some services thanks to a Chamber partnership with this firm.

Further benefits include a discount prescription card option, Business Advocacy and Governmental Issues services via Chamber reps, Business Counseling and Startup seminars through the SBDC Tennessee, and even customized labels and direct email. You will find options for affordable credit card processing services, email marketing, and so much more.

That saying about membership having benefits is entirely true when it relates to your participation in the Blount Partnership via the Blount County Chamber of Commerce. However, as a member of the Chamber, the list of opportunities is so long and astonishing that you’ll want to start enjoying these benefits today by becoming a member today.