One stereotype about owning a small business is that you don’t need marketing, and there are always a few examples of legacy businesses who have survived on just good ol’ word of mouth to prove the point.

That being said, however, one of the biggest challenges facing small businesses is competing with larger companies who have name recognition and well-known reputations. Winning customers and contracts as a small business requires a new kind of outreach, so why not bring in a marketing team dedicated to small businesses?

Epic Nine Provides Small Business Marketing

Epic Nine in downtown Maryville, TN offers comprehensive graphic design and marketing services to businesses in the region, and covers a broad spectrum of styles and needs. Past clients have included everyone from Macho Nacho, Shriver’s Boutique, APB Consulting, Downtown Maryville, to Lightwave Solar and Paula Deen.

Leveraging their digital skills is par for the course; Epic Nine’s expertise in web design, branding, logo design, SEO, social media, and digital advertising allows small businesses to dramatically expand their reach. For small business owners, a big digital footprint helps them punch above their weight.

It’s All About the Process

For Epic Nine, designing the right marketing plan for a client’s business isn’t just about creating any ‘ol strategy and adding in some good advertisements, it’s about using the right process in order to make whatever is produced the most effective (and cost-effective) possible.

This means that Epic Nine begins by asking their clients all kinds of questions about their businesses, from what makes it “tick” to who they want to reach and where they want their business to go. Then they create a plan and begin market research into competitors and marketing challenges within your niche, even working with focus groups and surveys when it makes sense to. Once the marketing plan is a “go” to be launched, they do just that, and include tracking metrics to help you (and them) determine what have been the most effective techniques for your business.

Let the Reviews Do the Talking

There are good reputations, and then there’s Epic Nine’s reputation. This marketing agency has a 5-star rating on Google reviews after 21 reviews, a record you can’t earn by delivering less-than-stellar service.

Local reviewers say things like: “The team at Epic Nine were great! They worked with me to determine exactly what I needed and within my budget. They produced quality work at one of the most affordable rates in town. They are my go-to for all things marketing.” And, “WOW! I have never had customer service this awesome with a web designer and host before!”

If “awesome” and “exactly what I needed” sound like something you’re in search of in a marketing agency, give Epic Nine a call or stop by their office at 419 Ellis Avenue in Maryville. They’ve got what it takes to deliver results.