It’s a pity that so many press releases use basic and almost emotionless language to announce wonderful things. Take some of the wording used in various releases announcing the creation of Pellissippi Place in Alcoa, TN. One organization said, plainly, that it was a “joint development effort” between several counties, including Blount County. The goal was to create a “technology-based research and development park.”

Naturally, some innovation and technology are welcome in any area, but there is much more to know about Pellissippi Place and enthusiastic language should be used to discuss it! After all, it is 100% true that it is going to emphasize “technology research and development and commercialization,” yet it is also being planned with residential and recreational use in mind.

Additionally, all of the buildings throughout the entire complex will be LEED-certified – making the entire property the most energy efficient possible from design and construction to maintenance and use. That says a lot when you are talking about industrial properties, homes, businesses and more.

The Ultimate Neighborhood – An Old School Model

Using a classic concept of a community in which working, living, socializing, and recreation were all within walking distance, the Pellissippi Place designers intend to make the property a place with something for all. Live and work in one walkable area, do your shopping on your way to or from the office or interact with friends and neighbors without the need of a car! Send the kids to school or out to safely play…it will all happen here.

The four counties responsible for the project, Blount, Alcoa, Maryville and Knox counties, have made this collaborative effort in order to ensure that the area is ripe for investment, and plays a key role in Research and Development in the Oak Ridge Technology Corridor/Innovation Valley region.

What You’ll Find

Because it is deemed a mixed-use community, Pellissippi Place goes well beyond the standard corporate park. Instead, it is slated to be a major entertainment venue when completed. It is going to incorporate multiple restaurants, hotels and even a cinema, as well as more than 800,000 square feet in retail space.

There will also be housing, schools, “cultural production centers,” and community spaces that include green spaces and parks.

Noted and Notable

The NerdWallet website recently pointed towards Alcoa as one of the best places to start a business in Tennessee. In fact, it was tagged as the #1 spot and one of the reasons for this is Pellissippi Place. In addition to the county’s proximity to a major city like Knoxville and the presence of the McGhee Tyson Airport, the development of the mixed-use community and its remarkable capabilities was also noted as a main reason for business success. The Blount Partnership was also mentioned along with the Pellissippi State Community College as reasons that businesses will thrive in the region.

The arrival of ProNova led to a press release with the kind of enthusiasm Pellissippi Place deserves, saying that it was “about to put high-paying jobs in Blount County with a high-tech business that will serve the region and beyond…a new company that is pioneering development of a lower-cost cancer treatment system — will locate its manufacturing facility in the research and development center” at the site.

Clearly, there is much to like about Pellissippi Place and news of its development and completion should be on your radar!