By now, millions of people have become aware of the importance of sustainability. Whether it is sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture, or just a more sustainable lifestyle, we all have a clear appreciation for something that can be maintained over the long-term if it continues to follow its current practices. But, did you know that there are sustainable communities?

The Institute for Sustainable Communities defines this as a community that is “economically, environmentally, and socially healthy and resilient. It meets challenges through integrated solutions rather than through fragmented approaches that meet one of those goals at the expense of the others.”

Blount County, TN is actually one such community and its many businesses, government groups and residents are actively taking a “long term perspective” in order to create a sustainable present, as well as a sustainable future.

Again, as the ISC noted, a sustainable community “depends upon its members’ commitment and involvement” to achieve its goals. And throughout Blount County, this is also happening thanks to:

  • its leadership, which remains responsive and effective
  • its community businesses, institutions and services that are the epitome of responsibility and caring
  • its residents that are informed, organized and active

The Blount County Chamber of Commerce is Part of the Sustainability

Interestingly enough, sustainable communities often seek:

  • Optimal quality of life for the entire community without any compromise in the wellbeing of other communities
  • Economic security
  • Healthy environments
  • Effective government supported by its citizens

The Chamber’s mission is directly in line with all of these things, stating that it exists to “promote economic growth and stability, foster community development and enhance the overall quality of life in the region.”

It is meeting its mission by adhering to its core values of integrity, innovation, goodwill, stewardship, and alliance. For example, it is “Leading and facilitating partnership and dialogue opportunities that evolve productive discourse, relationships, democracy and decision-making throughout all sectors of the community.” And, at the same time, the organization and its members strive to encourage responsible management and approaches where natural, human and economic resources are concerned.

It is also a group that emphasizes innovation while creating a sense of welcome to new residents and businesses, all while ensuring as inclusive and dynamic an environment as possible.

As an entity comprised of scores of businesses (of all sizes and shapes), it must be a sustainable entity if it is to survive and succeed. It has been around since 1920 and currently has more than one thousand members who are all actively dedicated to their communities as well as meeting the mission of the organization.

Are you eager to help ensure that Blount County remains a sustainable community? If so, you may want to participate in the many different activities that the Blount County Chamber of Commerce provides. You can become a member and serve as an ambassador for the group, connecting with members and building relationships. You can be part of the workforce and economic development initiatives, volunteer for the fun and popular activities sponsored by the Chamber, get involved in legislative matters, and much more – and all of it helps to keep the area a sustainable community of individuals, businesses, organizations and government leaders.