Modern consumers and business professionals can often feel swamped by the messages they receive from organizations, businesses and other entities around them. In fact, we all receive so many marketing messages that we can become cynical about statements of mission or values.

Because of that, any group that formally and officially states its mission, vision and core values should really live up to them, promoting them best through action. This is precisely what the Blount County Chamber of Commerce manages to do. Formed in 1920, it states its core values as:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Goodwill
  • Stewardship
  • Alliance

Naturally, these are excellent core values and integrate well with the Blount County Chamber of Commerce’s vision and mission statements. The former is to develop a national reputation as the primary catalyst for the region’s competitive success and economic prosperity. The latter is aimed at promoting economic growth and stability as well as fostering community development while enhancing the overall quality of life in the region.

That all seems like a lot to bite off, but the group has enjoyed success at every level. For example, the city of Alcoa, TN was named one of the best places to start a business in the state. Its geographic location was noted as one of the reasons for that, but more important was the Blount Partnership that was described as a “chamber of commerce for businesses in Blount County.”

The county has a long list of major businesses and employers in almost every sector, including manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and education. And perhaps one of the most obvious ways that the Chamber is taking action on its core values is its part in the development of Pellissippi Place.

A “first of its kind” community in the state, Pellissippi Place combines affordable housing, recreation, cultural venues, and industrial entities within one large-scale community. With an 800k-square foot shopping center, cinemas, schools, green spaces and more, it is the ultimate in promoting relationship, maximizing opportunities, creating a community ready to welcome and nurture growth, responsibly managing resources and creating partnership.

Initiated by a group of regional Chambers of Commerce, including the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, it is a centrally located site ideal for business, but also ideal for working and living.

Statistics as Evidence

Of course, one can also look to the county’s various financial and employment statistics to see that the Chamber of Commerce is operating on its values. With one of the lowest unemployment levels in the state and a long-standing reputation as a business-friendly community, it clearly uses ongoing actions, plans and programs to ensure their region enjoys ongoing success.

As their president, Bryan Daniels, has stated, the Chamber, “is the eyes, ears and voice of the business community. We work daily with local and regional governments and business-related agencies to protect business interests and to keep the community healthy through a vital commercial sector… The community as a whole benefits from the Chamber’s attention as well, through sponsorship of town meetings, legislative luncheons, candidate forums and publication of business and community guides.”

With its core values, vision and mission, the Blount County Chamber of Commerce is clearly acting to ensure ongoing growth and success.