The Tennessee Valley Authority is not limited to operations in Tennessee alone. It lives up to its name and has a mission of improving quality of life throughout the entire Valley region. They do this through the “integrated management of the region’s resources.” Though they strive to offer reliable and affordable power or energy supplies to the entire region, they also want it to be safe and clean power, and they remain good stewards of the waters and lands entrusted to their management.

As a business entity, the TVA employs over ten thousand people in the region, and they have been operating throughout the Valley for 80+ years.

The Focus of Today’s TVA

Today, the TVA serves the roughly eight million people throughout the entire Tennessee Valley region, and focuses on energy, environment and economic development. In fact, they are one of the largest providers of power throughout the United States. A government-owned enterprise, it ensures that energy is affordably and competitively priced and generates energy in several ways – via nuclear, coal-fired, renewable and natural gas-fired facilities. For 18 years, they have run facilities so efficiently that they have transmitted 99.999 percent of their supplies.

Protecting the Environment

It is easy to think of the TVA as a producer and not a steward, but it has been for decades. The organization has worked hard to protect the many natural resources of what is easily one of the most beautiful areas of the world. They work to recognize and protect cultural and historical areas, too. They do this in a few ways, including reducing environmental impacts through air quality controls, oxygenation facilities to improve water supplies, and policies designed to retain the health of the region’s 293k acres of reservoir lands, 80 unique public recreation areas, and more than 11k miles of shoreline. They are also focusing on decommissioning coal plants in exchange for renewable energy systems and they currently have 29 hydro plants, a hydroelectric plant, 15 solar sites and a wind energy facility.

Economic Policies for Growth and Stability

As a member of the Blount County Chamber of Commerce, the TVA’s economic policies are in line with the Chamber’s mission of growth and stability. The TVA has helped to improve quality of life and build business substantially over the years, and in 2017 alone they created or retained more than 72k jobs, recruited hundreds of business, offered community outreach and supplied assistance and support to communities and companies in their service area.

Covering more than 80,000 square miles, the TVA stretches from Tennessee and into areas of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia. It takes its presence in all of these areas very seriously and strives to be fully invested in the health, growth, and economic (as well as environmental) stability of their service regions. You can learn all about their history, their success in becoming fully self-financing, and their integrated resource plan, among many other things by paying a visit to their site.