Hydroponics are fascinating and rate as one of the most efficient methods of growing specific crops. At its most basic level, hydroponics is growing plants without any soil, but it can be done in a number of different ways. Most systems need a “growing medium” nutrients that will be directed to the roots, and a system for moving water and nutrients on a regular basis.

When done properly, hydroponics lets plants grow around 50% faster than they would in a traditional, soil-based gardening system. And this is what the team at Innovative Hydroponic Supply in Maryville wants everyone to know.

The Systems Available at Innovative Hydroponic Supply

Even if you know nothing about hydroponics, it is fascinating to learn about the systems that the team at Innovative Hydroponic Supply makes available. You can head over to their 9,500 square foot showroom to checkout their displays of systems actively growing through hydroponics, including:

  • Wick systems that use wicks in a growing media and nutrient solution from a reservoir
  • Water cultures systems that allow plants to float in a nutrient solution and air pumps with air stones to deliver oxygen
  • Ebb and flow systems use a pump with a timer that distributes nutrients in grow trays
  • Drip recovery systems are the most common and require a timer, pumps, nutrient solutions and drip lines to the plants
  • Nutrient film technique systems use pumps to constantly flow nutrients over and around plant roots
  • Aeroponic systems keep plants in an enclosed system where nutrients are misted over them on a continual basis

And whether you are sure that your next big adventure is to build and operate a hydroponic greenhouse to grow and sell plants or even just to grow a lot of your own food, you can work with their experts to design the system of your dreams. Whether you want to do something outdoors in the warmer weather or create an entirely indoor garden, they’ll work with you to achieve your goals.

And when you have decided on the system, you will be able to stock up on everything you need because they keep all that is required for each of the systems they have on display.

Why Hydroponics?

We already learned that hydroponics are faster and can be easily managed, but they also are considered part of the future for all of us. As the National Gardening Association pointed out, around 43 million Americans are already growing some of their own foods now and that is expected to increase each year in the coming decades. You don’t have to build or design a commercial warehouse to benefit from the speed, water saving, and environmentally friendly options available to you through hydroponics.

Additionally, the amount of time it takes to operate your own hydroponic garden is surprisingly small. The team at Innovative Hydroponic Supply even says that you may find it takes only ten minutes each morning and evening to tackle most of the work.

If you are eager to learn more, they are eager to teach you all about hydroponics and encourage you to stop by and see what’s growing in the greenhouse.