It is common to assume that any business that has existed in a community for several generations is there because it offers good service, good products and is trustworthy. Indeed, when that business has existed for decades, it is proof positive that they are doing something, or more correctly everything, right.

Such is the case with McNutt Oil, now a third-generation business in Maryville, TN. Started in 1941 as a Texaco affiliate, the company offered every essential petroleum product, including gas, industrial and motor oils, diesel and other materials. Just over 20 years after the company was started, it was taken over by the founder’s son and wife. And around 30 years after its founding, it shifted from a Texaco “consignee” to a distributor.

This allowed the firm to grow into the entity that it remains today, with gas and service stations as well as convenience stores. It also acquired Loudon Oil Company prior to 1980 and continued to grow. A small chain of convenience stores, the MG Markets, soon appeared and today it remains a thriving, family owned business. The limited connection to Texaco has ended, though, and today, you can find Chevron, Total, Allegheny, Sunoco and Marathon fuel and lubricant products offered.

Multiple Business Segments

From its humbler origins as a single entity consignee, McNutt Oil now serves a surprising number of business and industry segments, including manufacturing, construction, trucking, agriculture, auto service, food and beverage, and railroads. Offering fuels and lubricants – even food-grade materials – they are a full-service provider.

Whether you are a manufacturer in need of branded lubricants for your equipment, a farmer looking for affordable “all in one tractor hydraulic oil,” or even a trucking firm looking to cut costs and still keep all of your vehicles safely on the road, the company’s reps and agents can help you get what you need. From transmission fluids to everyday gasoline, you can turn to the experts at McNutt for answers.

Reliable Customer Service for Decades

Customer service is often overlooked until it is needed. With McNutt Oil Company, clients can count on the many decades of experience and top-tier customer service to meet their every need. The reasons to work with them are numerous, and include their expertise in product lines and quality, their wide array of options (including unbranded products for clients in need of cost savings options), and their desire to deliver on client need. No matter what it is you need in lubricants or fuels, the McNutt Oil experts are likely to have a solution that fits both your requirements and your budget.

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