Water: it’s all around us, it was here before we were, and it’ll be around long after we’re gone. It may exist without us, but that doesn’t mean that making water work for us and with us doesn’t require a high degree of skill and some serious effort.

The team at LDA Engineering has been managing and solving wastewater, stormwater, and just plain water challenges for their clients since 1982, and they’re a vital part of successful water-related infrastructure in Blount County and beyond.

The Team’s All on Board

One of the unique things about LDA as a firm is how their principals are so involved in day-to-day operations and remain committed to listening to their clients in order to develop the best solutions for them.

Their President & CEO, Jason Brooks, focuses on managing wastewater, stormwater, green infrastructure, and sustainability projects, among other duties, and their Chief Engineer, Steve Bostic, has made a career of his engineering expertise in water and wastewater solutions for publicly-owned systems.

The team includes more than 15 others who have high-level knowledge in everything from permitting processes to erosion and sediment control designs to Geomatics CAD designing.

They’ve Won Awards

The team at LDA Engineering has won at least 10 awards for their work, including for their extensive stormwater management in Morristown (a 5 million dollar project), their 11 million dollar Spring Creek Basin rehabilitation, their work revitalizing Founders Park in Johnson City and protecting it from future floods, and their work in Warner Park in Chattanooga, for which they were awarded the KY/TN Outstanding Overflow Abatement Award.

In addition, LDA won an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies for their work on the Duck Pond area in Alcoa, Tennessee.

They’re Committed to Tennessee

At the ribbon-cutting in Alcoa for their newest facility, LDA Engineering made a pledge: they would make a $250,000 contribution of funds and employee time to Tennessee school systems over the next ten years.

Schools and school systems can apply during LDA’s yearly call for submissions, and LDA’s initiative is especially focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education to encourage children to be interested in math and science, as well as develop potential future engineers.

The Future Looks Bright for LDA and Tennessee

One of the educational initiatives LDA is currently supporting is the Future City Tennessee program, a “a transformative, project-based learning experience that asks 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to imagine, design, and build cities of the future.”

LDA has been spreading the word about the program, raising awareness and connecting with teachers, students, families, and community mentors to help students become excited about the possibilities that engineering offers. Clearly, LDA is well-equipped and committed to making a serious positive impact.