In the age of mobile phones and automated everything, it may seem unusual to speak of an answering service, but it isn’t all that unusual when you really think about it. After all, an answering service, in the old-fashioned sense, was all about human communication. You dialed a number, got a human being at the other end of the line, left whatever sort of message (complex or simple) was needed, and would hang up certain that your message would be received and answered promptly.

Today, we can still leave a message, but it is usually something done without ever talking to another person. We get an answering machine or an automated system. So, the option of human communication and connection is more appealing than ever. That is what Answer Quick delivers – and it has been doing so since 1983.

A History of Excellence in Communication

In 1977, the Alarm Specialty Company, Inc. was started in East Tennessee. Focusing entirely on burglar and fire alarms, the company recognized that answering services were a natural extension of the equipment and began offering 24-hour services as Answer Quick.

Since then, the firm has joined forces with two other family services with similar backgrounds – A Message Connection and AAA Answering Service – and can now provide services over a much larger service area.

And as time has passed, the firm has continually improved upon its skills and services. In 2001, they received an ATSI 24/7 Gold Certification. This is a remarkable achievement. As the professionals at ATSI (the Association of TeleServices International) say of the certification, it “consists of 4 areas of credentialing for the telephone answering service industry — Agent, Advanced Agent, Supervisor and Site. Its stated goal is to help a call center achieve ‘four nines’ or 99.99% annual run time by demonstrating proficiency in ‘the best set of business practices’ available in the tele-messaging industry.”

They’ve also received ATSI 24/7 Certified Staff credentials, ASTI awards of excellence, Call Center Awards of Distinction, and more.

Clearly, they are dedicated to training and providing clients with top-tier services. They focus on representing their clients in the most professional manner possible and have invested in more than training. They have the appropriate and timely technologies that go far beyond taking phone calls and communicating with all parties involved.

What They Offer

Currently, the firm (which is based in Louisville, TN) provides:

  • Comprehensive answering services for businesses of all kinds. You can opt for live operator services that handle calls based on your specific needs and protocols.
  • Overflow services. Do your phones get flooded with daytime calls, causing you to lose business or offer less-than-ideal service? Have them automatically overflow to the Answer Quick operators.
  • Virtual receptionist services that give the very best first impression without anyone ever knowing that you have no receptionist at all!
  • Customer services solutions for your specific industry, and more.

If you wish to communicate to the very best degree and offer your customers optimal services, Answer Quick can be an ideal, locally sourced solution.