Connections, marketing, networking, business resources…these are all terms dear to any business owner’s heart, and whether you are self-employed or employ scores of people, there are many perks to joining the Blount Chamber of Commerce.

While it is easy enough to give you an itemized list of the immediate benefits, there are the less obvious “pros” of joining and actively participating. Let’s look first at the basic benefits every member enjoys.

Basic Benefits of Blount Chamber Membership

Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Tax deductible membership fee (up to 85%)
  • Listings in The Daily Times ChamberTimes tab on the website, Basically Blount (the Chamber’s yearly lifestyle magazine), and in the free Blount Partnership App that provides all kinds of news and access to “Blount Chamber economic development information, member business directory and upcoming area events for Blount County”
  • Listing in the Chamber’s website
  • Announcements in the Chamber’s social media networks about your membership, along with promotion in The Dialogue, which is a question and answer interview published in the newsletter
  • Access to the Chamber’s website to list your news and events, coupons and deals
  • Space in the Chamber’s lobby for posting your brochures and business cards
  • Top listings in the Chamber’s referral lists for your area of specialization
  • A la carte benefit options that can be added to your membership

Additional benefits are less obvious, but nonetheless provide key components for business success.

Additional Benefits

As a simple example of the less obvious benefits, consider that you can participate in the monthly Coffee Club, offering you a prime spot for networking, keeping up with local business or economic news, and more. You can even host one Coffee Club in your place of business. There are also “afternoon mixers” that occur every quarter (also at a member’s place of business) and also offering rare opportunities for networking.

Your membership also ensures you will participate in Primetime, the largest networking event in the entire county. It happens once each year and is full of fun, food, prizes and opportunities to grow your business or your business circles.

And if you are unfamiliar with “schmoozing” and networking techniques, you can use the regularly organized Networking Training Classes to show you the ropes.

You also have access to many marketing options, including the “Member-to-Member Promotional Program which offers you and your company the opportunity to market your products and services to the membership”, ads in The Daily Times, and access to marketing prior to Small Business Saturday events. Explore insurance programs, payment processing solutions giving members special terms, and more.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the many benefits of membership in the Blount Chamber of Commerce, click here to learn more.