He prefers to be called AV, short for his full name Abhijit Verekar.

It’s fitting. His initials are an abbreviated way for folks to remember his name. Just think “less is more.”

In turn, his company, Avero Advisors, is busy streamlining Blount County citizens’ digital dealings with their oft-dreaded government entities.

Think of it this way: when interacting with the city and county government offices, the LESS time you have to stand in line, or wait “on hold” on the phone, or wade through a complicated government website, the MORE free time you have to live your life, enjoying family and friends.

“My business helps local governments across the U.S. work together more efficiently by coordinating their technology. It’s called building a ‘smart community.’ That’s what we’re doing here with Maryville City, Alcoa City, and Blount County Government. By making these processes between our three government entities less complicated, this in turn empowers our citizens and enriches their lives,” the Avero president and CEO said.

Greg McClain, Maryville City Manager, said many companies “are technically strong in all things IT, but not every firm can build the relationships necessary to help an organization navigate change. Avero excelled in this aspect. “ Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell agreed, saying Avero’s relationship building and expertise “has brought IT advancements to Blount County government that were thirty years overdue,” helping the government employees embrace change and implement multiple upgrades in a short time frame.

Less red tape when renewing a local permit? Fewer keystrokes when navigating pages of website instructions? Yes, AV’s passion to fulfill these promises is palpable, and his enthusiasm is part of a full-steam -ahead passion for life.

He was born in a small town in India, and by 18 years old…in 1999 while in college…he’d already started a technology business. After coming to the U.S. in 2002, he got his MBA at Cleveland State, Ohio and worked for a decade in technology in Ohio, Maryland, California and Oregon before moving to Blount County in 2016, launching Avero Advisors and joining the Blount Chamber within a year. He’s active in Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Alzheimer’s Association and the entrepreneurial Sky City Initiative, and recently became a parent with his wife Susan to their 7-month-old, Ellora.

AV says “joining the Blount Chamber was one of my best business decisions ever.”

“I knew people were coming here for jobs with companies like Denso and Arconic, and I saw a bright future in Blount County,” he said. “My Chamber membership helped fill in the gaps of what I didn’t know and helped introduce me to ‘who’ I needed to know.”

“Our clients…current and future… are in the Chamber’s VIP Levels of membership, so I bought a higher level of membership. The Chamber can be instrumental in making introductions, and shaping relationships that become friendships,” AV said. “That can be important when you’re not from here.”