Finding something out of the ordinary when you are out and about in Louisville, TN, can be more challenging than you might think. But if you are looking for a store that offers an eclectic selection of home and lake décor, specialty furniture, gifts, jewelry, and much more in a small-town environment, there is only one place to shop, Louisville Mercantile. Inside you can browse our selection of handmade items created by local Tennessee artists; antiques; and many other items to choose from. But this is only part of the fun.

Learn to Paint Your Own Furniture

While many people come to Louisville Mercantile to shop, there is a small crowd who come here for something completely different. Each year the store hosts a hands-on introductory class in furniture painting. If you have always wanted to learn how to take that ancient dresser and refinish it, but have no idea how to get started, let Louisville Mercantile show you how it’s done!

The simple solution is to make plans to attend the next Furniture Painting 101 classes held at the store. Not only will you be learning all about painting your furniture, but the instructor will work with you to make sure the surface is ready to be refinished. This is the hard part; the fun comes next in the guise of paint.

The instructor will go over several different methods of painting and finishing the various types of furniture. You’ll be working on a practice board while you master each technique. And if this is not enough for you, you will also learn a number of specialty techniques that let you create an amazing array of unique finishes.

Everything Included

When you enroll in Furniture Painting 101, you will find everything you need is included in the cost of the class. For those of you who want extra supplies to take home and work on your next project, you can purchase Country Chic paints and supplies on your first day with a 15 percent discount. The price also includes a picture frame for your final project that you get to take home when the class is over.

Louisville Mercantile offers several classes during the year. You can learn how to create amazing works of art from old furniture you have lying around the house, or that you picked up during garage sale season. If this sounds as amazing to you as it has to the many alumni of these classes, be sure to contact Louisville Mercantile and find out when they plan to have their next class. Get ready to give your old furniture a completely new and beautiful lease on life by registering for the next available class!