Being a kid these days is no easy task; there are so many challenges in their lives they should never have to deal with. This includes things like drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, family stress, and just the simple fact of having to deal with modern life.  The Harmony Family Center has been helping children and families in the region for over 20 years and has one goal, to help every child they serve to live their best life.

A Team of Experts

At Harmony, you will find a team of experts who truly understand the challenges of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, violence, and worse, all of which have taken their toll on state and community resources. In many cases, these situations have all but drained the available resources and pushed them to the breaking point.

The experts here have developed a series of innovative programs along with evidence based solutions that have put the organization in the perfect position to help families and children who are suffering from the trauma, stresses, and challenges of today’s world – from the simplest problem to the most complex.

Changing Lives and Boosting Community Health

The work of everyone at the Harmony Family Center has been making a huge difference in the communities they serve. They are only too well aware of how much challenges such as drug/alcohol abuse, violence, crime, and poverty have drained local resources and how these issues affect the communities’ overall well-being.

The more Harmony is able to make big differences in the lives of children and families, the better it is for the overall health and well-being of the communities they serve.  Over the years, the efforts of Harmony have made a significant impact on the health of communities throughout the great state of Tennessee.

At Harmony, the philosophy is one of excellence in everything they do. Each of their many programs is designed to meet national standards of excellence. In part, this is due to their policy of continually asking their clients, “How are we doing?” The information gathered through this program has been used to make significant improvements to the organization and the many services they provide.

At Harmony, every member of the team knows that the key to a child’s future success lies in having a strong family unit. It is with this in mind that every program is designed to promote a child’s safety, vitality, and emotional well-being through a strong program of advocacy, education, and treatment.

Harmony believes that collaboration is one of the keys to success when it comes to letting children be their best and live their best lives. Harmony continues to develop a network of local and national partnerships, confident that by working together, they can make a difference for every child, family, or community they serve; every day, every month, and every year.