East Tennessee is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. There are many great opportunities here, so much to do and see, but not everyone can do it on their own. Sometimes all it takes to get started down the right path is a helping hand from someone who cares. In this region, the East Tennessee Foundation (ETF) is here to help. As a non-profit community foundation, the ETF is responsible for managing and investing a range of charitable funds that have been established by businesses, families, individuals, and numerous other non-profit organizations.

Putting Money and Help Where It Is Needed

The East Tennessee Foundation was established in 1986 when two previous organizations merged together to form the ETF. The new organization started out with assets to the tune of $625,000. Today the ETF is now able to provide assistance to 25 counties in East Tennessee. In 2016 the organization poured more than $12.7 million into the coffers of literally hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the region and further.

By the end of 2016, the ETF was comprised of 425 philanthropic funds and 10 supporting organizations whose total assets were in excess of $300.4 million.  Since the East Tennessee Foundation came into existence, they have granted more than $237.5 million to those in need.

Where the ETF Is Helping

2017 looks to be a banner year for helping those in need here in East Tennessee as the ETF has already provided a variety of grants. Among the many grants and awards that the ETF has helped providet so far this year are:

  • Campbell Enhancement Fund Launches Spring Fundraising Campaign
  • 2017 Top Wrench Competition
  • East Tennessee Foundation Announces Youth Endowment Fund Grants Opportunities
  • East Tennessee Foundation and Consolidated Nuclear Security (CNS Y-12) Announce $125,000 in Grants for 2017
  • Sevier County Community Fund Presents $84,000 in Grants to Sevier County Fire and Rescue Departments for Disaster Relief and Recovery
  • 24 Volunteer Fire Departments Receive $98,000 in Total Grants
  • East Tennessee Foundation’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund Provides Fire Disaster Relief

A Noble Goal

The East Tennessee Foundation has a number of goals, but the most important one may be to help create and build an endowment or permanent source of philanthropic funding for the people who call East Tennessee home. They do this by helping the various donors to plan their own charitable donations and carry them out so that they provide much-needed help in the many local communities and regions that make up the East Tennessee area. Ultimately, the goal of the East Tennessee Foundation is to help connect those who have funds with those in need of them in an effort to make East Tennessee one of the best places in the world to live and raise a family.